Featured Review: Geneva Sound System Model XS

Today, we're taking a look at the Geneva Model XS, which is a high-quality speaker, radio, and clock all in one. Think of the old-school clock radios, with Bluetooth, and that's basically what this is, but with a better build quality. It's inside a leather-like clamshell, which the speaker folds out and looks rather cool. It's a great travel speaker and it's plenty loud, so you'll be able to use it outside with no problem. It does not appear to be waterproof (and I surely didn't want to try it out in that aspect).

It is Bluetooth so it can connect to just about any device you have that has Bluetooth. I tested it connected to many devices. From the Chromebook Pixel, to the Galaxy S4, to the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7. All of them worked great. I also tested it outside and I could hear it while I was far away, which is great. The speaker has two tweeters and a subwoofer all in that small case. Which you'd probably never know, unless you checked out Geneva's website.

You can also listen to the radio, if you're one of those that still does that. I hadn't listened to the radio in quite a while before I got this. It has a built in battery, which lasts quite a while and is rechargable. It is your typical DC outlet and the cable comes with the product.

So would I recommend this to others? Yes and no. It is a great speaker and ultraportable, but I'm pretty sure you can find other speakers that do the same thing for less. This retails for about $250 (at the time of writing this) from Geneva's website. If you don't mind dropping that kind of cash, then by all means go ahead and pick one up. It's a fantastic speaker and you'll love it.

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