Featured Review: Cygnett FitGrip Case for the Galaxy S4


Today we are taking a look at Cygnett's latest case for the Galaxy S4. This one is called the FitGrip and is a pretty nice looking case. I have the Charcoal/Lime case here, basically the edges are rubber with the back being plastic, well the Lime colored part being plastic. The sides are not straight either, which really give you a good grip on the device. I've had a hard time trying to drop it. Which means with this case you'll probably never drop your phone. It does come with a screen protector that you can apply, which is always great when a case includes a screen protector.



The FitGrip case comes in multiple colors including Black, Blue, Pink and White in addition to the Lime color that I have here. I've been using it on the Galaxy S4 for a few days now and I must say it's a pretty nice case. Definitely something I'd buy for myself. It feels really nice in your hand and also looks nice. Even though I'm not a huge fan of Lime, I still like the color.

The Good 

  • Low Pricing: Unlike some cases we've reviewed, this one is fairly cheap and is just $30 from Cygnett's website. 
  • Build Quality: The build quality is amazing on this case. I definitely recommend it
  • Grip: It really does have a great grip, with the raised edges (which I'm normally not a fan of) it really helps.
  • Colors: Plenty of colors to choose from.

The Bad

  • Fingerprint Magnet: The plastic part on the back is a fingerprint magnet, and you can easily get it really scratched up. Which kinda bothers me. 
  • Protection: It protects the back, but doesn't do a whole lot for the front, unfortunately.

The Verdict

The Fitgrip from Cygnett is a great case. I'd definitely recommend it to all the Galaxy S4 users out there. But if you're looking for something, like an Otterbox that will protect your Galaxy S4 from just about everything, you may want to look elsewhere. That being said, you can check out the FitGrip and many other Galaxy S4 cases on Cygnett's website.