Featured Review: Cygnett Black Carbon Fiber UrbanShield Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4

DSC 00102

There's no shortage of accessories when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung has built a very popular line of devices, in the Galaxy line. And accessory manufacturers know this. Which is why you'll see hundreds if not thousands of cases for the brand new Galaxy S4. Cygnett has quite a few available, and they've sent us a good amount of review cases to review (and then giveaway). This one is the Black Carbon Fiber UrbanShield. It's a snap-on design, so that means it only really protects the back and left and right sides, leaving the top, bottom and front exposed to scratches. Which is probably the last place you'd want them. Since you can easily replace the battery cover if it gets scratched.


I've been using this UrbanShield for a few days now, and it's actually a really nice case. I really like the black case on the white Galaxy S4. It makes it stand out a bit more. The sides of the case are rubber, sort of like the sides of the Nexus 4, which makes it much easier to hang on too. Also the back is plastic, but looks really nice. And of course with any other shiny plastic case, it's a fingerprint magnet, as you can probably tell in the pictures.


The UrbanShield case is available from Cygnett's website for $30, at the time of writing this. It also comes in other colors for the Galaxy S4, including white and black. You can check out all their cases for the Galaxy S4 here. It's a great case, and I definitely wouldn't hesitate in recommending it to friends and family that own or will be purchasing the Galaxy S4.