Sponsored Game Review: Trucks Vs Hybrids


In recent years, there's been a surge in eco-friendly hybrid vehicles, such as the beloved Prius hit the market, and more and more of us are considering them, or buying one outright. This is great of course but, what about the great American Truck? What happens when all of the gas is gone and the roads are controlled by rogue hybrids? Well, that's exactly what happens in Trucks Vs Hybrids, the Trucks have to get their precious gas back from those pesky Hybrids. Read on to find out how you can help save the Trucks.

Description: You can think of this Angry Birds with cars, but there are a number of differences that makes this game play differently and feel differently. For one thing, you have to land on the game board, not just destroy as much of the environment as you can. Physics play a big part here, as do fast speeds and heavy vehicles. Throughout the game you'll be given access to three Trucks in which to take on the Hybrids with; Monster Truck, a Big Rig Tractor Trailer Cab, and a Heavy Duty HD Pickup Truck. To cause even more destruction, running over the Hybrids will cause them to explode!


How it Works: You've got to take back the gas from those nasty hybrids, to do that you'll have to head on over to the Play Store and download the game. There is a free version of the game as well one with no ads. Once you've done that, you'll be presented with the main menu:


One thing that's great about the game, is that it'll take you through all of the controls just by hitting "Directions" from the main menu:



Controlling the Trucks is pretty easy really, which is good because little ones will be able to pick the game up no problem:



You can choose to control the truck either by tilting your device or through the on-screen buttons. I opted for buttons to allow me precise control. The overall aim of the game is not to destroy the Hybrids but, to get precious gas for the trucks.


When in-game, you have to make sure to calculate your jump properly, otherwise you could end up going far too far, and completely missing the gas pump:



The aim of the game is to collect the gas, destroying trashing the hybrid at the end of each level is just a sweet bonus.



If you fail, you're certainly going to know about it!


Opinion: There's no denying that Trucks vs Hybrids is a lot like Angry Birds but, that can't be a bad thing and there's enough on offer here to make sure that this game stands out on its own. The physics are a lot of fun and the fact that you have to land at the gas pump makes things a little more difficult than your typical slingshot game. The premise of the game is fun as well, with just enough cheek to make people notice.



  • Speed (4/5) – On a number of devices, Trucks vs Hybrids ran perfectly fine and loading times were pleasant. 
  • Features (3.5/5) – While there are a number of things that set this apart from Angry Birds, it can feel like slingshot games like this have had their day. 
  • Theme (3.5/5) – While the graphics are good, the game looks as though it could do with some polish. Physics are represented well and explosions are fun to look at. 
  • Overall (4/5) – While this is a game that needs some polish, it's certainly a lot of fun and at the end of the day, that's all we really want from a game.


  • On the surface, this looks just like Angry Birds with cars but, there's more to it. 
  • Having to land on the gas pump might seem trivial but, it does add a level of difficulty to the game.
  • How can anybody get bored with running a Prius over with a giant truck?!
  • Controls are easy to pick up and play.


  • While the game looks good, menus and loading screens look like they need work. 
  • Those that have played Angry Birds to death might not want to play this one.

Conclusion: For car fans everywhere, this is going to be a fun game to play through. After all, the purist has no time for these electronic-powered Frankensteins, if it doesn't run on gas – it's not welcome. Regardless of how you feel about these hybrid cars, Trucks vs Hybrids is a lot of fun for those of all ages and while this sort of game might have played out all too many times, that doesn't mean you should write this off. Trucks vs Hybrids is not a pricey game and you can play it for free, so really you've got nothing to lose.