Sponsored Game Review: Space Eon 3D


Just as with movies, sci-i has been a great foundation for video games since Space Invaders. There's something that just gels so well with video games and science fiction. Today, our smartphones can produce graphics and gameplay experiences that are far better than Space Invaders. In particular, the addition of the accelerometer has helped deliver experiences that were once reserved for the living room. Space Eon is yet another sci-fi game, but does it have what it takes to become one of the greats? Read on to find out.

Description: Space Eon 3D puts you in the shoes of a space fighter pilot that's lost all of his memories and is unsure of what he's suppose to do, but one thing is clear; he must defend Earth. As with many games like this, you'll be charged with defeating alien after alien using the accelerometer to pilot your way through tight corridors. Space Eon 3D features 20 Missions, including some 10 Extreme Difficult Missions, 3 Unique Bosses across 6 Battles, 4 unlockable ships and more.


How it Works: To start your intergalactic adventure, you'll need to download the game from the Play Store. As soon as you have the game downloaded, your adventure starts to unravel.

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As with a lot of sci-fi games, you're entrusted to defend the Earth from impending doom.


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Space Eon will take you through everything you need to know about how to play the game. Essentially, you have to tilt your smartphone or tablet to guide your fighter jet around obstacles and to dodge enemy fire.

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Combat is really quite tricky, you've got a number of things to contend with; the control system, firing and the need to dodge enemy fire.

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Throughout the game, you'll come across health and shields:


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The more you play, you can unlock more ships to pilot and take on the alien threat.

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Opinion: I've always liked sci-fi, ever since I grew up watching Star Wars so any game that features the same sort of setting is welcome to me. Space Eon 3D brings a lot of what we know and love from Sci-Fi movies over the years and brings it altogether in a good-looking package that takes advantage of both the accelerometer and touchscreen of mobile. While I don't like not being able to invert the controls, once you get used to it, there's a satisfaction that comes with having to master flight and weaponry in a mobile title like this.


  • Speed (4/5) – Space Eon 3D runs well on a number of devices and the pacing of the game is good. 
  • Features (4/5) – From the accelerometer control to the difficult enemies, Space Eon is a game that will challenge you and keep you playing. 
  • Theme (4/5) – Space Eon might not be 3D in the sense of high-end graphics but, you're definitely playing in a 3D environment, which makes for a more sophisticated gameplay experiences. 
  • Overall (4/5) – Space Eon 3D is a solid sci-fi game that delivers a gritty experience and a challenging control scheme.


  • Challenging enemies will have you playing for hours and hours. 
  • This is a proper sci-fi adventure, not a cheesy 1970s action game.
  • The controls might take some time getting used to but, they deliver a quality experience. 
  • Boss battles are just as they should be; challenging and rewarding.


  • Not being able to invert flight controls could be frustrating.
  • The game's story could do with a little work.

Conclusion: Space Eon 3D is a good quality mobile title that delivers a gritty and dark sci-fi adventure that actually gives you a little bit of a challenge. Angry Birds: Star Wars this isn't, what's on offer here is a game with quality control and game mechanics that can quickly become addictive. For a lot of people, this will be a different type of gameplay experience, which can only be a good thing, right? You won't regret giving Space Eon 3D a go and if you like the game, you can get more by buying the full version of the game.