Sponsored Game Review: Puzzingo Kids Puzzles

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The touchscreen has enabled us to do some fantastic things in recent years, it’s an intuitive way to interact with technology and best of all; it’s easy. Which makes smartphones and tablets one of the best platforms to exercise children’s brains. Nor does it have to be done in a boring manner. There are tons of educational resources out there in the Play Store but, we all know that kids love to have fun and in this day and age, playing a fun game with a touchscreen is a lot more common than we think. Read on to see if Puzzingo Kids Puzzles can keep your little ones entertained.

Description: Puzzingo Kids Puzzles is a game filled with fun and educational puzzles, that feature professional illustrations and professional voice actors that feature clear and precise pronunciation. The Chicago Tribune named this one of their best apps for Kids and it’s got a high-rating in the Play Store. There are hundreds of puzzles on offer in 40 pieces, when your child completes a challenge they’re rewarded with a mini-game to play. Take a look at the video below:

How it Works: To get your little one started with Puzzingo Kids Puzzles, you’ll have to first head over to the Play Store and download the game to your smartphone or tablet. After that, you can start playing.

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They can start playing their first puzzle once you’ve selected one from the main menu:

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Each time you embark on a new puzzle set, there’s a box to shake open. This might seem small but, this sort of routine building is important for little ones and will keep them interested.

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Once you unlock a puzzle, drag it to the matching silhouette and then the puzzles will begin, like this picnic puzzle.

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It’s really simple to play along, all your toddler has to do is to drag the shape and match it up. Each time a shape is matched, it will be read out aloud, so kids can learn a new word or get the proper pronunciation on a word. The more of the puzzle they do, the better the picture will look:

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At the end of each puzzle, the toddlers are rewarded with a mini-game, such as throwing food at this clown to feed him:

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Opinion: Smartphones and tablets are great tools to get kids interested in both education and the world around them. In many ways, there’s no prior knowledge needed, you just drag the item to where it’s supposed to go and that’s it. This mechanic is used to great effect here in Puzzingo and it’s extremely easy for kids to pick things up, and know how to play the game on their own. The voice acting here is subtle but significant, pronunciation is crystal clear, which can teach children the names of animals and more as they play through the puzzles.


  • Speed (4/5) – Everything ran fine on a number of devices and the pacing is just right for little ones – not too fast, but not too slow either. 
  • Features (5/5) – You could easily argue this is just puzzles for kids but, thanks to the quality illustrations and voice acting, kids will be able to pick up a little knowledge while playing.
  • Theme (4/5) – With some great-looking illustrations and clear voice acting the game looks and feels great. 
  • Overall (4/5) – For kids, this is going to be a lot of fund and for parents, it’s a way to entertain your little ones without being concerned of their gray matter turning to mush.


  • Professional illustrations make environments look realistic and appealing to children.
  • Pacing is great, not too slow and not too fast, making it easy for kids to play without getting frustrated. 
  • The voice acting delivers crystal clear pronunciation of names of animals, items and more – allowing toddlers to quickly pick up new words. 
  • Fun mini-games at the end of each puzzle will feel like a reward to little ones.


  • Purchasing of new puzzles could be a little more transparent. 
  • Those mini-games go on forever, until you quit them, leaving little ones without achievement when completing a set of puzzles.

Conclusion: Puzzingo Kids Puzzles is a great way for kids to get to grips with animals, picnic items and more. All of this is done in a fun and lighthearted manner, with routines created throughout which will keep kids entertained and keep them learning. There’s a vast variety of puzzles on offer and it’s safe enough to leave your toddler with the device playing on their own. It might not seem like it but, the voice acting is especially important here, it’s incredibly clear which makes it easy for toddlers to pick up new words and master their pronunciation.