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For years now, there have been game mechanics that have almost always made good video games. Puzzles, football, basketball, tennis and of course bowling. Bowling is perhaps the most simple and most satisfying game mechanic that will results in a pleasing video game. There have been many bowling games before this one, is Bowling Paradise Pro a good Bowling game? Read on to find out.

Description: Bowling Paradise Pro is packed with all of the features you'd come to expect from a Bowling game. There are eight unique levels, each with their own different atmosphere and the graphics here really help sell the game. You can customize your game through picking a different bowling ball, or choosing how the pins look. You can play against the Computer or pass your smartphone or tablet around between you and three of your friends. Take a look at the video below to take a better look at the game:


How it Works: To start playing Bowling Paradise Pro, there are two versions you can download, a free version and the paid version, once you've downloaded one of them, you can start hitting the lanes.

2013-05-03 18.44.28-1



The Game Modes are only available in the paid version of the game. In the free version, you can pick where you want to bowl:

2013-05-03 18.44.59



As you can see, there is a lot of different environments to choose from:

2013-05-03 18.46.35



When you pick a location, you'll see the lanes like this:

2013-05-03 18.46.47



When you're bowling, the default controls are to flick forward, and then swipe on screen to move the ball to the center of the display. It takes a little while to get used to but, you can change the control scheme in the settings. This is great because, you can change it to react to a tilt to change the direction of the ball, which is a lot of fun on tablets, and perhaps better for younger players:

2013-05-03 18.54.00



If you get strikes, an animation will appear on screen letting you know:

2013-05-03 18.49.09



You can change how the pins look:

2013-05-03 18.51.35


As well as which bowling ball to use:

2013-05-03 18.50.40


There's a lot on offer for big bowling fans on offer here, and it's worth checking out the paid version if you want to do more with the game!

Opinion: I'm a fan of bowling in general, and I'm not bad a player in real life. Problem is, getting my friends together for a round down at the lanes is not easy and so I turn to video games to get my fix. Bowling Paradise is a great way to get a taste of the game on the go, the graphics are good, there are some really cool environments to play and being able to pass the game around your friends should make any road trip that little bit more bearable.


  • Speed (3.5/5) – Getting the ball rolling at high-speed takes some real effort, and pins fall a little slowly. It's paced very well for a bowling game however. 
  • Features (5/5) – This has everything you could want in a bowling game and the ability to play with others by pass the game around is a real nice touch.
  • Theme (5/5) – With glossy, high-quality graphics and customizable pins, balls and environments this is one of the best-looking bowling games out there. 
  • Overall (4/5) – Bowling Paradise Pro offers a quality gameplay experience to those looking to get their bowling fix on the go or just on the couch at home.


  • Lots of great-looking and unique environments to choose from, including your own bowling ball and pins. 
  • There's a local multiplayer by passing the smartphone or tablet around; perfect for long trips with family or friends. 
  • Pins drop with satisfying and realistic physics.
  • Runs great on tablets, like the Nexus 7!


  • Control system takes a little getting used to, but this can be tweaked in the settings. 
  • In-game tournament mode would be nice to see. 

Conclusion: If you're a big bowling fan and you can't quite seem to get the guys together to actually hit the lanes, this is a good substitute. There are some really good-looking graphics on offer here and the ability to pass the device round to friends is a real nice touch, I can see this being a great game for friends and family going on long trips together. The gameplay is solid and there's more than enough included to keep you busy as you try out each environment and use the different bowling balls and pins.


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