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Ah, filters. Regardless of how you feel about the onslaught of photo filters, they're definitely here to stay. A lot of the time though, we just want to give our photos a touch of the old stuff, a look that wouldn't put them out-of-place in a photo album from the 70s. If you remember taking photos with good old Kodachrome or Polaroid then you'll appreciate the nostalgic looks these filters can give your photos. If you're too young to remember, then this is something that'll be new to you. Can XnRetro help you achieve a cool, fresh look for your photos? Read on to find out.

Description: XnRetro is an app designed to bring a retro look and feel to the photos taken with our ever-increasingly powerful smartphones. This isn't just your average filter app though, you can quite easily change the lighting, there are two-layer effects and you can apply a different frame to each one of your photos. Certainly, filters like there are not going to help create your next masterpieces but, they will make your photos look and feel that bit more nostalgic.


How it Works: To start adjusting your photos and touching them up with that retro look and feel, you first need to download XnRetro from the Play Store. Once you've done that, you're ready to go.

2013-05-05 16.20.11



There are two choices here, you can either take a new photo or choose one from your Gallery. First off, let's take a photo of my bonsai tree:

2013-05-05 16.20.40-1

That's a pretty lackluster photos, so let's see what XnRetro can do about it. There are a myriad of options you can choose from:


2013-05-05 16.21.32

There's a lot that XnRetro can offer when it comes to tweaking your photo. Not just effects but two later effects and even fine-tuning as well. You can also apply a frame as well:

2013-05-05 16.22.55


Now, my aging bonsai tree certainly looks a lot healthier with some work on the color! Now, let's go ahead and choose another picture from my photo album:

2013-05-05 16.23.43

Whenever you bring a photo from the gallery, XnRetro will ask you how you want to frame the photo, which works quite nicely. Once you've edited your photos, they will be in the Gallery app in an album called "XnView":


2013-05-05 16.25.13

I think the finished product looks quite good, don't you?

2013-05-05 16.25.20


Opinion: While I'm only 22, I spent most of my teenage years playing around with old film cameras, and whatever Polaroid film I could come across. Just like I prefer to shoot in black and white, Polaroid and retro effects can really make an image "POP!". Sure, they're not to everyone's taste and you could easily dismiss them as more gimmick than not but, retro filters like these will bring out your creative side and make the cold, harsh reality of throwaway photography seem meaningful again.


  • Speed (4/5) – XnRetro runs at a respectable pace and the actual edits don't take as long as you though they would do. 
  • Features (4/5) – XnRetro tried to deliver that retro look and feel that we often like to see when it comes to our snaps, and it does so with a myriad of options.
  • Theme (4/5) – The theme here is your own creation but, the app looks good and the UI is easy enough to follow. 
  • Overall (4/5) – XnRetro is a solid app that delivers some cool and funky photo effects to recreate the look and feel from cameras gone by.


  • Lots of effects on offer to have fun and play with.
  • Those that remember cameras of the past will love to see the same sort of effects here. 
  • Frames will make things stand out that little bit more. 
  • You can fine tune the lighting in each of your pictures.


  • Taking a photo defaults to built-in camera app. 
  • No way to look at your photos inside the app, you have to head to the Gallery.

Conclusion: XnRetro is a really great way to give your photos that little bit extra, without having to spend hours adjusting lighting etc, etc. There are a whole bunch of frames to play with as well, which makes sending those holiday photos to family and friends that little bit nicer. The app itself is easy to use and the UI is easy to navigate and everything is straightforward to use. If you're looking to get an older look to your photos taken with your smartphone, then XnRetro is a good way to go.


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