European Release Dates for Galaxy S 4 Mini, Activ and Zoom Confirmed?


Since Samsung released the Galaxy S III Mini last year, it was pretty much a sure bet that they would release a diminutive version of this year's flagship and while we've heard quite a few whispers about the device, we've yet to come across anything concrete. Now though, SamMobile think they've gotten their hands on European release dates for a number of upcoming Samsung phones, including the Galaxy S 4 Mini. The Activ and the Zoom are also mentioned, while the Activ is a new name we do have some info on the Zoom, which appears to be Samsung's entrance into the high performance camera smartphone game.

Here's the release date list from SamMobile:

  • GT-I9152ZWA*** – White – Week 20 – GALAXY Mega 5.8
  • GT-I9152ZKA*** – Black – Week 25 – GALAXY Mega 5.8
  • GT-I9200ZKA*** – Black – Week 19 – GALAXY Mega 6.3
  • GT-I9200ZWA*** – White – Week 21 – GALAXY Mega 6.3
  • GT-I9192ZWA*** – White – Week 29 – GALAXY S4 mini
  • GT-I9192ZKA*** – Black – Week 29 – GALAXY S4 mini
  • GT-I9295MOA*** – Metallic Orange – Week 29 – GALAXY S4 Activ
  • SM-C1010ZKA*** – Black – Week 23 – GALAXY S4 Zoom
  • SM-C1010ZWA*** – White – Week 25 – GALAXY S4 Zoom

So, it looks like the Galaxy Mega devices will be launching in Europe soon as well but, what we're most interested about here is that both colors of the Galaxy S 4 Mini are said to be launching in Week 29 of this year, which would be the middle of July. It's said that Samsung will announce the phone towards the end of this month. The S 4 Mini could be another push to the low-end from Samsung but, as HTC have proven with their HTC First, there's no need for a smaller device, to be less of a device. As you'll note in our HTC First review, a 4.3-inch sized device can still come with a few bells and whistles, and that screen size does not always make for a poorer or better screen overall.


Should Samsung release the Galaxy S 4, they'd probably achieve decent success with the device, if only due to the popularity of the Galaxy S brand, would you think about buying a smaller Galaxy S 4?

[Source: SamMobile]

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