Droid Game Hub 05/09/13: Dead On Arrival 2, Angry Birds Friends, Apoc Wars, Punch Quest, And More


Dead On Arrival 2 Pre Beta Begins; Kill Zombies NowDead-on-Arrival-2-android-game

Previously we wrote that N3V's new game, Dead On Arrival 2 would be starting it's pre-beta launch soon. The pre-beta launch began May 2nd so for anyone who signed up you are probably either already playing the game and testing out its features, or you have the invite email sitting in your inbox with the apk waiting to be downloaded. The game does not have all of its features available so just make note that some of the graphics boosters will not be in this launch of the beta, N3V just wants testers to get a feel for the games functions and the layouts of levels and such. If you haven't already signed up or the pre-beta registration you are out of luck for now as it is closed, but N3V wants you to know that they will need "fresh meat" in another month or so. Check the Dead on Arrival 2 website towards the end of may to see if you can register.


Angry Birds Friends has landedAngry-birds-friends-android-game-live

For those of you fiendishly looking for a new Angry Birds experience, you'll be happy to know that Rovio's facebook version of the game has nested in the play store. Angry-birds-friends-android-game live 3Angry Birds Friends is Rovios facebook version of Angry Birds that now allows its players on Android to connect with their friends on facebook and challenge one another to see who can get the highest score.Angry-birds-friends-android-game live 2 You can compete for bronze, silver, and gold trophies, brag and send gift and game invites, and play in tournaments with new levels each week. Sounds like quite a nice little refresher for one of the most popular games on the planet.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Apoc Wars Is Mobage's New RTS Game; Coming SoonApoc-Wars-android-game


If you still haven't found that go to RTS game then maybe mobage can help. Their upcoming game Apoc Wars has a familiar theme, ( think Borderlands 2) and is just like most other RTS in terms of how you play it so it shouldn't be difficult to pick up. As the story goes, you build up your base and train your troops.iPad3_5-fs As the game goes on you have to upgrade your bases defenses and weaponry so you can continue to lay waste. The game is on its way but you can sign up on the Apoc Wars micro site to get in on the game when it begins. If you pre register you'll even get a cool sounding weapon for in game called the Rip and Tear chainsaw. Doesn't that just sound bad ass?


Punch Quest Fists Its Way Onto Google Playunnamed


Life getting you down? Does your boss not appreciate you? Do you feel ignored by friends and loved ones? It's ok. PUNCH IT OUT! With punch Quest. Fix all of life dilemmas with your fists.punch_quest2 Punch quest which has been available on iOS for quite some time has finally made it to the play store. You too can now pick up this endless scroller and punch your way to victory. Earn in game rewards like cool hats.PunchQuest1-noscale DINOSAURS AND LASERS! Hatch a magical gnome. Punch your enemies into oblivion. Need I say more? It's only a buck. DO IT!Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Bejeweled Blitz Hits The Play Storeunnamed (1)

Match game fans get ready for Bejeweled Blitz from PopCap games. Yep, it's finally here. Remember playing bejeweled? The first one? I do. But this is bejeweled on crack. It's got super boosters to jack up your score, its integrated with facebook so you can challenge your friends and make them whimper like little girls when you beat them, and it has a crazy one eyed cat that floats into view on screen and shoots jewels for you with its laser eye.bejeweled blitz android game 2 How can you resist that? There is even a daily spin chance to win 1 million free coins for use on in game stuff. The game is downloadable in the play store now so if you're a match three fan this is a go.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1


Solstice Arena Is Another MOBA Game For MobileSolstice-Arena-android-game

If you weren't quite sold on Gamelofts version of the MOBA gaming scene maybe Zynga can grab your attention. A new game being published by Zynga called Solstice Arena is an upcoming lane defense game where you will choose your champion and pick your lane to defend with other teammates. The goal of a MOBA or lane defense is to attack your way up lane into the enemy base and eventually take down their main structure or tower, winning the match.Solstice-Arena-android-game-1 Solstice Arena will have three game modes, Single vs. A.I., Co-Op vs. A.I., and PvP. Solstice Arena will have plenty of customizable options and upgrades for your champions like items and skills which you obtain by progressing levels in matches. You can pick up stuff to enhance your character with in game currency or pay to enhance them early with real money.Solstice-Arena-android-game-2 It is Zynga after all so you know this will be a feature. The game has no current release date but we do know when it launches it will support cross platform gameplay via, Android/iOS, PC/Mac, which is pretty cool.

Plants Vs Zombies 2 Will Release In Julyplants-vs-zombies-2-540x278 (1)


Pop Cap has been busy. Bejeweled Blitz, and now Plants vs Zombies 2. They have confirmed that the release will be in July by way of a teaser trailer which you can view below, although there is not a whole lot of other detail about the game as of yet. The game will hopefully and more than likely be available for all of the platforms that the original currently supports, but time will tell I suppose. Watch the trailer for a snippet of whats to come, although don't expect anything in terms of gameplay footage.

Toy Defense Sequel Coming Soon To Androidtoy-defense-android-game


If you've played Toy Defense, than you already know how fun it is, and its quite the quirky little spin on tower defense games. For those of you haven't, I urge you to check it out. Malesta Studios, which is the company who makes the game, has released the sequel onto ios recently and we can expect it over on Android very soon.toy-defense-2-android-game The sequel will play out similarly to the first, but with 72 new levels for players to run though. The game will be paid and have options for IAP's but will not be required. Build your defenses strong, and make sure you're ready for the coming onslaught.

Leviathan: Warships Is Finally Hereunnamed (2)

Man the Guns, load the cannons, brace for impact. Paradox Interactive has released their game Leviathan: Warships onto google play. This is gritty naval action and warfare. Like a much cooler top down battle ship where you actually control the ships.leviathan-warships-android-game-live-2 You can choose between 3 factions; the commonwealth, marauders, and elites, and fight your way to victory. The supports cross platform gameplay with pc, mac, and ios devices. It has a Co-op campaign stretched over 9 missions and you can even go head to head with your friends on 14 different maps. Battle it out with 16 weapon types for 11 different ships and see who claims glory. The game will set you back about $5 if you want to play and make sure you have a compatible tablet that supports the game.http://youtu.be/Vxxnq5YAVHwGoogle-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1


Undead Soccer Limps Onto Google Playunnamed (3)

Bulkypix has finally released undead soccer to Android. You survived the zombie apocalypse. It's up to you to take down the teeming horde with a never ending supply of soccer balls.Undead-Soccer (1) You can gain special power ups through out the game to help you dispatch those pesky undead, and if you want to do so you'll throw down $2.60 in the play store.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Bad Piggies Gets An Update; "Rise And Swine"unnamed (4)

If you're a bad piggies player, your day just got a whole lot better. The popular game from rovio just got a new update that adds 15 new levels and 2 new items to give you ever lasting joy. Or… at least enough joy to last you through perfecting each level. Then who knows for how long after that I'm not a mind reader. The update is live so if you want to get to playing tap the play store icon on your device and get going!http://youtu.be/II6l8ftMai4Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Tales Of Illyria Heading Our Way Soontales-of-illyria-android-game

Tales of Illyria is a new full RPG that is slated for release onto android next week. The game which is also up on the Steam Green Light Program will be a full scale RPG with a party system and turn based action.tales-of-illyria-android-game-1 The game will have a full epic story with episodic content coming in the future as well so even if you beat the game there will be more to come, giving it some replay value.tales-of-illyria-android-game-3 The game will give you full control of your group, so make sure to watch all of the stats and keep your party members up good health. Watch for the game to pop up next week if you're looking for a new RPG game to pass the time.

Blitz Brigade Now AvailableScreen-Shot-2013-01-25-at-3.54.19-PM-540x338

Gamelofts Team Fortress 2 based game called Blitz Brigade is finally on the play store. If you've been waiting and waiting to get your hands on the cartoony team based action of this third person shooter, now's you chance. There's 4 maps, 12 player online multiplayer matches, blitz-brigade-screen-035 different classes to choose from including sniper, medic, soldier, gunner, and stealth. Two game modes should keep players busy in either deathmatch or domination variants. If you're not getting enough online multiplayer action then go and pick this up now.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Open Beta Begins For Warlords RTS: Clash Of Throneswarlords-rts-clash-of-thrones-beta-android

If you like RTS games, Warlords RTS: Clash of Thrones might be worth a look. Its a medieval themed RTS. You control your hero as ell as your hero troops and build up your city and defenses.warlords rts clash of thrones beta android 4 The game has a quaint artsy little feel to the graphics with an open map. Its an RTS, so expect the usual type of gameplay you would from any RTS style game. The final release will have multiple classes to choose from and more levels and magical upgrades. The game is slated for release onto Android and iOS.

Nintendo Considering Android Games And AppsNintendo-Wii-U-smartphone

It seems the word on the grapevine is that Nintendo is considering the possibility of supporting Android apps and games. Who knows how much truth there is to this, but think about how awesome it would be if they actually made apps and games for Android. The emulators are a nice additive to the android eco system, giving us all the retro love we could ever need, but it would be nice to have official games and apps from the company. IOS is rumored to be at the forefront of Nintendo's mind but here's to hoping they decide to drop some love onto android.

New light Shed On Magic:2014 DetailsMagic-2014-Duels-of-the-Planeswalker-Android-game

Magic the Gathering fans, Duels of the planeswalkers, a.k.a. Magic:2014 will be coming very soon. Start getting excited as we know more details about the popular TCG game you've been waiting for on your android device. Slivers will be introduced here, the sliver race are a hive like creature, think zerg from Starcraft. The game will allow you the choice for Sliver construct, Megantic sliver, or Bonscythe sliver. In addition to the Slivers being added into the game we'll also see sealed play introduced, which will players to basically build there deck during play and use booster packs right from the get go. Sealed play will be available for use during single and multiplayer matches, and both Android and iOS will be getting Magic:2014 sometime this summer.http://youtu.be/YcIyXqLyg0o

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