Droid Game Hub 05/02/13: Dark Avenger, iBomber, Star Wars Pinball, Portal Creator And More

Dark Avenger Gets A Teaser Trailer

Gamevil is usually known for the typical action rpg style games like the Zenonia series, but as of late they have been publishing more titles from behind the curtains rather then making games. The newest title they have under their belt, which is actually being developed by boolean games, is called Dark Avenger and is a top down dungeon crawler style game much in the way of Diablo or Dungeon Hunter. Now were all no strangers to the Dungeon Hunter series, and the latest (DH:4) is an awesome game and looks great but Dark Avenger looks down right wicked. The teaser made me drool a little, and that was all before the scene with the combo multiplier that you see float up onto the screen. What? A dungeon crawler with a combo multiplier? Sign me up. The game so far looks beautiful and amazing and I can't wait till it releases. There's just one problem. There's no word on release date. Keep you eyes peeled cause you can bet we'll be posting more about this game when there's more to know.

ibomber Lands On Android

The popular iOS hit iBomber finally made its way to android this week, landing directly in the play store and into the hands of gamers the world over. (All the excitement with no fallout) The game basically looks like you're staring down at your target from the plane as you drop the bombs to their destination, but from WWII era. The old school radar, the army green dash, even the giant red button are all there. iBomber is simple yet addictive and fun so even though you won't be immersed in an engaging storyline, you'll thoroughly enjoy what you're playing. You start by picking your plane (one plane to start with) then selecting your first mission, and it's bombs away. Simple yet effective. iBomber has plenty of missions to go through, with different plane upgrades, so there much replay value to be had. If you got the chance to wish you had this game and never owed the ios device to do so, here's your chance.

Star War Pinball Blazes Onto The Kindle Fire

If you're a kindle fire owner, then you've sorely missed out on your chance to have some fun with the force on Zen Pinballs newest table. No more I say. No more! Literally, cause they released the game onto the Amazon app store for your gaming pleasure. The star wars tables are available inside the Zen Pinball HD game as add ons as well if you already have that game instead, but if you have no pinball game love happening anywhere on any of your devices, you can run and pick up Star Wars Pinball from Zen Studios for the cool price of $1.99. That's less than the price of a ticket to see the first movie back in 77'. leaderboards, multiplayer, and 3D HD rendering await you. Kindle users, use the force (of your motor skills) and go and pick up this game from the amazon market link.

Creator Of Portal To Bring Soul Fjord To OUYA

Do you ever think that some of the games made available to us are just downright weird and mundane? If you never have, you might start to. The creator of portal (Kim Swift) has announced a release to the OUYA console along with all the other AAA developers, called Soul Fjord. Its a mash up between a 70's inspired disco crime drama like shaft and Norse Mythology, all wrapped up into a rhythm based gameplay style. (could you have guessed something along those lines?) The game sounds extremely strange but once you watch the video which is actually kind of funny, you see that it looks like it could be quite fun. Your job will be to help Soul Fjord get into valhalla by smashing your way through enemies like a guy with saturday night fever on the dance floor. There's no word on release yet, but who knows we might be seeing this hit the OUYA sooner then we think.

Gameloft Announces S4 Compatible Titles

Gameloft jumps the gun a tad prior to the S4 release and wants you to know which of their games are already out and optimized for the Galaxy S4, should you be planning to upgrade to one or pick one up. Currently in their magical bag of games that is already on the play store, the following are optimized for the S4 to offer maximum gaming experiences on your new phone. (Taking advantage of that beautiful 5 inch display of course) Here's the list of games they have from the play store: Real Football 2013, PLAYMOBIL pirates, World at Arms, Wonder Zoo, My Little Pony, Littlest petshop, Asphalt 7: Heat, Ice Age Village, Kingdoms and Lords, and The Oregon Trail. Not the most exciting list of games any one developer with as many as gameloft could offer up, but its a start. Now lets see some titles like Dungeon Hunter 4, the modern combat and nova series get their optimization, cause those games from gameloft are way more fun. Now if your going directly into the samsung apps, there are a few more titles available which you might have guessed includes.... Dungeon Hunter 4, Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, and Wild Blood. Three of the better game Gameloft offers. Nice work Gameloft.

Madfinger Games Offering Up A Slice Of Heaven Via Android Consoles

I've said this many times over, Madfinger games is by far one of my favorite developers. All their games are top notch, and I get so amped up when another one is on the cusp of release that I want to shout Madfinger from the far reaches of every nation. All that said, madfinger loves games just as much as I do and so much so that they want to be a part of your gaming experience a little more with the un-console march that's gaining steam. Madfinger has announced that Shadowgun will be coming to the OUYA and Game Stick Consoles, while the Wikipad will get Dead Trigger, Shadowgun, and Shadowgun: Deadzone with Deadzone and Dead Trigger both being pre-loaded. Shadowgun will be available on the OUYA starting June 4 says madfinger, so if you already have your hands on one, you don't have to wait long. As for the Game Stick and wiki pad, no word on the dates for those just yet.

Social Gaming App ImGame Offers Cross Platform Checkin

If you like your games so much that you want your friends to know when you're playing them and what you're playing, no matter what you're playing them on, than the new social gaming app ImGame just might be what you've been wanting. The idea of being social with games is nothing new, but previously there hasn't really been a way to interact socially with friends across multiple platforms in an all in one hub. ImGame offers you the chance to take advantage of all the best parts of a social gaming experience but cross platform so no matter if you're playing games on your PC but friends are playing, on Xbox, PS3, Nintendo, Android, and the like.. you can all see when each other comes online and interact accordingly. ImGame offers Twitter and Facebook posting (of course) and things like tokens and real time rewards for logging in and playing games. Seems like this just might be quite the wonderful little app to help you connect with friends that like to game as well.

Game Stick Hits Us With New Teaser Trailer; New Games Mentioned

The Game Stick is the other half so to speak of the unconsole race (with the first half being OUYA of course). Its starting to shape up like it could be fairly competitive against the OUYA which is great for the consumer because it will force both companies to better their product. Game Stick wants us to get all jazzed up about theirs, so they released a teaser trailer for us to show off some of the consoles UI and what we can expect when we play on one of these. The video shows off how Game Stick will look of course, and you may also notice a few game titles in there. Do I spy a Shadowgun Image? Watch the teaser and enjoy the future of gaming on android.

The Update For Curiosity Helps Players Fast Track Finding Out Whats In The Cube

Those of you gamers that are participating in the massively collective nature of the game curiosity-what's inside the cube?, you might be happy to know that the game is getting a rather generous little update that helps speed the whole process along. Which is quite nice since the game was released last November and could be seen as dragging on forever. The update basically has accelerated the game to its last 50 layers which gets rid of months of tapping. Those of you unaware of Curiosity, it was a game released last November in which you tap away at a cube, one cubelet at a time, and only the person who taps the last cube gets to see what the prize is inside. The update essentially hurry's up the process, which should keep plenty of people entertained before they otherwise might have lost interest. If you play curiosity, download the update and get to tappn'.

Monopoly Hotels Dashes Onto The Play Store; Need For Speed Most Wanted Drops To A Dollar

Those of you who are fans of EA titles, if you haven't already done so, run and pick up Need for Speed: Most Wanted right now as it has been dropped down to the amazing price of $1. When I bought it, the game was $6.99. As most games are for the first several months of release. On top of the one game sale, EA has also released Monopoly Hotels onto the play store for all you mogul wannabes out there. Tired of the same old Monopoly? No more! Now you can have the hotels edition, room service not included.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted
Monopoly Hotels

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Update Pushed back To Mid-May

Sad news this week for minecraft fans, the 0.7.0 update has been pushed back a little the middle of May. Not too far out but undoubtedly a downer for those who were hoping to have the update in their hands already and playing away happily at building wondrous structures. The new update adds things like multiplayer servers which is awesome for crafters who get a little lonely at times. The update was pushed back because the development team who is working on the update supposedly forgot a few things and they want to smooth out some bugs that were found before they release the update to the world. I'd say that's a pretty good reason, seeing as how gamers hate bugs. Until the update you'll just have to continue crafting with the way things are. 

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