Droid Daily 5/7/13: Feedly, Kindle Fire HD, Viber, and More


Vivo Xplay Shows it's specs

The Vivo Xplay has a 5.7-inch display with a quad-core processor and has a one-hand mode. Now this isn't anything new. We've seen these features from Huawei, and Samsung with their larger phones. Would you buy the Vivo Xplay?

Galaxy Note 8.0 Coming in a new Color?

Galaxy Note 8.0 promo and specs


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is still fresh on the market, and Samsung is already getting ready to give it a paint job. It'll be available in a new color called "Brown Black". How many of you want a Galaxy Note 8.0.

Viber Gets Updated on the Play Store


Today, Viber got updated on the Google Play Store. Here's the full changelog.


What's in this version:

– Completely new user interface redesign gives the latest Android look and feel
– Support for all new Viber Desktop – on Windows and MacOS!! Get Viber Desktop at www.Viber.com
– Transfer live calls between your Android and your Desktop
– Online status indicator
– Send video messages
– New voice engine improves sound quality
– New cool stickers
– Add captions to photo and video messages
– Viber is now localized to: Swedish, Turkish, Korean and Dutch

Feedly Just got updated to version 15



Today, Feedly got updated to version 15.0, and another update to 15.0.1 which is mostly just a bug fix. Here's the full changelog:

New in 15.0.1
☂ Fixed + regression
☂ Fixed command token expiration
☂ Re-enabled auto-refresh
New in 15.0
★ Better title only view (on both 4″, 7″ and 10″ formats).
★ Brought back the old list view.
★ Better support for Hebrew and Farsi.
★ Titles are no longer cut off in the title only view on smaller phones
☂ Better support for flaky network connections.
☂ Lots of small bug fixes.

Google Drive Gets in-app file sharing



Finally Google Drive's desktop app gets in-app file sharing. Which brings them up-to-date to Dropbox of 2010. Update your desktop app today.

Kindle Fire HD 7-inch On Sale for Mother's Day

8.9-Inch Kindle Fire HD Starts Shipping Today, Expect 4G Version Next Week

Amazon has put their Kindle Fire HD 7-inch version on sale for Mother's Day. It's available for $179. How many of you are going to buy one for your mom?