Droid Daily 5/2/13: Wil Wheaton, WeatherBug, Beautiful Widgets and More

May 2, 2013 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Samsung’s 9,000mAh battery pack

Samsung has released a 9,000mAh battery pack that works with pretty much every Android device out there. The external battery pack is running at about $100, but that’s a lot of power right there. It’s like having 4 Galaxy S4 stock batteries.

BBC Sport Now available Worldwide


Today, the BBC Sport app was made available to those outside of the UK. It’s now available for the entire world. Which is a good thing, because now all of us can enjoy the app. You can download it from Google Play.

Beautiful Widgets Free Launches

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Today, LevelUp studio launched a free version of Beautiful Widgets. So those that aren’t sure they want to buy the widget pack, can try it out then decide to buy it later on. You can also grab it from the Play Store.

Yahoo buys Astrid


One of the popular To-Do apps, Astrid, has been purchased by Yahoo! and premium accounts are now gone and the app will probably be shutting down soon. So what will Yahoo! do with Astrid?

Wil Wheaton Recovery for the HTC One


This is just pure genius and awesome. But there is a Wil Wheaton recovery that roots your HTC One, saves the ship, then rolls eyes at adults. how much better could it get?

WeatherBug gets Updated

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Today, Weatherbug got a nice update as well. Here’s the changelog from Google Play:

What’s in this version:

-*NEW* Redesigned User Interface
-*NEW* Slide-side navigation w/ swiping
-*NEW* Dynamic live tiles
-*NEW* Background themes
-*NEW* Photos section