Droid Daily 5/1/13: Chrome OS, Twitter for Android, Google Fonts and More


Google Fonts Now available for Download

Google has now made their fonts available for use with your desktop. Thanks to SkyFonts you can easily download them. They are some pretty nice looking fonts, if I do say so myself.

T-Mobile Releases new TV Spot

T-Mobile has released a new TV Spot, this time taking aim at AT&T's contracts and it's called "Frozen in Ice". Check out the video above. If it doesn't work, you can watch it here.


Google Glass Gets a Lock screen!

A new app for Google Glass called Bulletproof gives your new device a lock screen. You can check out the video above to see how exactly it works. It's actually rather cool and interesting.

Twitter for Android gets Updated

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Today, Twitter for Android got updated again. This time it brought back the menu button. But in the right way. They are using the overflow button like every holo app should be doing. It actually looks rather nice.  You can grab it from the Play Store.


Chrome OS Moving towards real apps?


Ahead of Google I/O in two weeks, Google's desktop operating system, Chrome OS is looking to push their web apps into acting like real programs. Now that's something we can all appreciate. It'll be interesting to see how all this works out.