Don't Hold Your Breath for any Nexus Q News at Google I/O


Ah, the Nexus Q. It's a device that received very mixed opinions this time last year when it was announced at Google I/O 2012. For a lot of people, it was the device they had been waiting for or, at the very least would offer a cool new way to control the music and media in your living room. While others spent time scratching their head where the Q was concerned – just what was it for? Why do I need it? As well as this, the price played a really big factor as well, when announced along with the Nexus 7, which was immensely cheap, there were big concerns over the pricing of the Nexus Q.

While Google have promised that the Nexus Q is not a dead product, and that it's still very much a supported product – it's still "officially" under development – it appears that this year's Google I/O isn't the time we're going to be hearing more about the product, let alone seeing more hardware. AllThingsD reports that Google don't "have any news on the Nexus Q". They're quoting "sources familiar with the matter" which sounds sketchy at best but, this is AllThingsD and I'd like to say that they have fairly reliable sources when it comes to these things.


The Nexus Q was an innovative product, there's no denying that but, when there are already solutions like Sonos and of course Smart TVs that do the same sort of thing, it's hard to see how Google thought they'd be successful. The Q was perhaps a way for Google to prove that they can go it on their own, just like Apple does with their hugely successful iDevices line. Traditionally, Google have partnered with other vendors (and they continue to) but, the Q really was all Google. From the design to the manufacture, the Nexus Q was a Google project through and through and while it was sad to see it go the way it did, it's not entirely surprising given the niche nature of the product.

Will we see any hardware at this year's I/O? Well, Sundar Pichai is alluding that we won't, while there's word of a new Smartwatch on its way.

[Source: AllThingsD]

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