Could this be Samsung’s Galaxy S 4 “Active”?

May 20, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson


For a while now, we’ve been hearing whsipers of more devices making up the Galaxy S 4 family, with names such as Zoom, Active, and now Mega being attached the Galaxy S 4 Moniker. For the first time, the Galaxy S 4 Active looks to have been spotted by the folks over at GSMArena, and at first glance this is easily one of the better-looking “rugged” devices on the market. Far too often have we seen these weatherproof devices look, shall we say, a little different? Sony seemed to buck that trend with the Xperia Z and now Samsung are getting ready to join in as well.

There’s a model number of GT-i9295 and a quad-core Snapdragon 600 clocked at 1.9 Ghz, just like the Galaxy S 4. As well as this there’s a Full HD 5-inch panel, just like the Galaxy S 4. So, it seems that Samsung hasn’t sacrificed much in the way of specifications in order to make a slightly tougher Galaxy S 4. It’s even sporting a killer red casing:



From the looks of it, this is a slim device as well, there seems to be a flap for the charging port as well, which is used on the Xperia Z, in order to keep the water out. There’s no telling just yet how rugged this device is, without knowing the associated industry standards, such as Sony’s IP55 and IP57 ratings for dust and water resistance on the Xperia Z. There appears to be more of a desire for these sorts of smartphones, which is perhaps why Sony made a high-end devices that was a little bit more resistant to the elements.

We can’t fault Samsung for going the same route and this is the first time that Samsung has made a family out of its flagship Galaxy S device. The question is though, will this be a high-end device from Samsung that will get the same sort of treatment as the Galaxy S 4 and the Galaxy Note lines or, is it going to be a niche device that sees a more limited release?

[Source: GSMArena]