Corning's Lotus XT Glass is Paving the Way


For those who are more interested in their phones hardware than physical components, the name Corning might not mean anything to you. However after a recent breakthrough, the users of the next generation of technology will learn to tip their hat at the mention of the name. Corning is a company that makes glass for mobile device displays, Lotus glass to be precise. They introduced Lotus glass in 2011 with promises of thinner more sturdy screens to meet customer demand, but technological evolution never stops so they have done it again with their new Lotus XT glass.

The Bigger Picture

Lotus XT glass will be used for the same application as its predecessor, for LCD and OLED screen displays. The new and improved model can withstand higher temperatures, which allow for more reliable mass production of the glass for more devices. Not only that but the manufacturing process itself even produces the improved quality. When made at higher temperatures, the glass can create the brighter, more vivid image customers are still looking for. This will only encourage the many companies in the business of gadget making to push the threshold, as they always love to do, however Corning's Lotus XT glass is now available so that mobile technology let creators maximize the full potential of their imaginations.


Of course we will not see the effective results right away, but we can now look forward to a future with cleaner and sharper digital displays. This is great news for the mobile community as a whole. This means more responsive screens for mobile gamers, more perceptive capabilities for mobile photographers and the Instagram community, and just plain great news for anybody watching Netflix on a plane. Lotus XT glass is made thin, lightweight and even more cost effectively so that it can function at the high temperatures that build up in an active smart device, while still offering better picture quality and resolution than any other device display screen available so far. Hats off to Corning for thinking ahead of the curve and working towards the mission of higher caliber devices  that will never cease to amaze us.

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