Consumer Reports Declares Galaxy S4 to be Best Phone in the World



Many people around the world rely on consumer reports for their comprehensive reviews of all different types of electronics.  Today they updated their smartphone rankings and put the Galaxy S4 atop the list, beating out the previous title holding Optimus G. This is obviously great news for Samsung, because when a company with 76 of reputation declares your product the best, people will listen.


Consumer reports loved the beautiful 5 inch, 1080p display. They particularly loved that it was sensitive enough to register commands even through gloves, a feature every smartphone sold in Michigan (a few others phones already do) should include.

Consumer Reports enjoyed many of the features Samsung added to their OS with Touchwiz. They liked the various gestures and sensors implemented by Samsung saying they were useful for, "accessing and sharing content you create and capture on your phone." In addition the IR blaster was a favorite new tool, perfect for "couch potatoes."

The supposed "S-Lag" reported my many didn't appear to bother reviewers at Consumer Reports. They said  "the S4 delivered top-notch performance in the most critical areas of our tests." The S4 performed well while multitasking and the ability to easily watch a video while composing an email was praised.


An endorsement by Consumer Reports is highly sought after. Being able to broadcast that your product is the best to 7.3 million subscribers is always a good thing. This will boost the S4's sales even higher, not that they require any help as sales records are already being broken.

The Galaxy S4 has been ripped on for a spate of issues within the tech writing community. So why is it that they were ranked higher than the frequently better liked HTC One? Simply because Consumer Reports tries very hard to ensure that they keep the average consumer in mind when dong their product reviews. This is why you wouldn't see any mention of purple screen blur or S-lag in their article. The average smartphone purchaser would probably never notice issues like that.

No review can fully represent every person's point of view. Even though you or I may or may not agree with the S4's placement, it makes their selection no more or less valid. There is no such thing as a universally perfect smartphone. A device that is best for you, might just be wrong for someone else.


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