Chrome is Now the Most Popular Browser in the World; 750 Million Users Worldwide

May 15, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson


How many of you use Google Chrome? Yeah…that’s a sea of raised hands I see in front of me and Google have been taking notice. So much so, that they are extremely happy to announce that Chrome is now the most popular web browser in the entire world. See the tweet below to see just how popular.

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750 Million users all over the world are now using Google’s own web browser. Not only is that an impressive figure outright but, it’s an impressive figure when you realize that it’s grown from the 400 Million users figure they announced this time last year.

Now, Chrome is the browser that we’re using on our smartphones, tablets, laptops, Chromebooks and PCs. It’s not just limited to Android either, Chrome is available on iOS now as well, making it even easier to sync your history, bookmarks and even active tabs across devices. It’s inspiring to think that Google have built such a successful platform in just a few years.

I remember starting out with Chrome when it was still in Beta and since then, it’s grown exponentially and it’s become a large part of my life. While I have a powerful Desktop to work from, most of the time I am using Chrome exclusively to get work done, communicate with others and of course, a whole lot of YouTube fun.

How many of you use Chrome as their only web browser? Raise your hand in the comments below.