CEO Marissa Mayer Says Yahoo Is Experimenting With Google Glass


When Google released the Explorer Edition of Google Glass, it hoped that developers and companies would jump on the platform and develop for it. While things have been slow so far, we've already seen a handful of apps be released, and we can only expect more to roll out as the platform becomes more mature. One of the biggest players in the mobile app space is Yahoo, at least in some aspects. The company's services, such as Yahoo Weather and Stocks, power countless apps that you use on a regular basis. Given that Yahoo has recently been trying to even further expand their mobile presence, it makes sense that it would be looking into Google Glass.

In an interview at the Wired business conference in New York on Tuesday, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said that her company is currently experimenting with Google Glass. She says that Yahoo has gotten its hands on early developer editions of Google Glass and her employees have been looking into ways to integrate Yahoo services into the device and how people can use those services.


Yahoo currently has 300 million users of its mobile apps, which make it the perfect candidate to jump on Google Glass. Mayer said her goal is to have Yahoo integrated into every internet-connected device, including Glass. "The moonshot for Yahoo is being on every smartphone, very tablet, every PC, every day for every Internet user," Mayer said. "The nice thing is we're not that far off. But that said, we do need to grow. And we need to grow in a way that's not just with the market growing."

For those unfamiliar with Mayer's past, she joined Google in 1999 as the first female engineer. From there, she progressed from an engineer to a designer, product manager, and lastly an executive. She worked mainly on Google web products and not in mobile, but clearly has expertise in a variety of areas. In 2012, she was named the CEO of Yahoo and has also joined its board of directors.

It is definitely good news for Google to hear that other large companies have an interest in Google Glass. What company would you like to see deeply integrated into Glass? Let us know down in the comments!


Source: CNET

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