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Motorola Photon Q Gets Jelly Bean on Both Sprint and C-Spire


Motorola Photon Q

QWERTY lovers should be pretty pleased this week, the Photon Q, one of the few Moto phones with a keyboard to be launched outside of Big Red, is getting Jelly Bean at long last. The good news is that it's rolling out on both Sprint and C-Spire, which is nice. The update bumps things up to Android 4.1.2 and in the case of the C-Spire model will bring the software build up to Build 9.8.2Q-122_XT897_FFW-7. Take a look at what's in the update below:

Google Now

  • Added feature that generates real-time notifications throughout the day with relevant, contextual information such as weather, traffic, calendar. To access Google Now, press and hold the phone's search key.

Voice Search

  • Enhanced Voice Search to recognize questions asked in colloquial language, such as "Do I need an umbrella today?" Some questions may receive a spoken answer, while others will trigger a Google Search.


  • Improved image quality and more intuitive Panorama Mode.


  • Enhanced dictionaries and improved text-to-speech capabilities.


  • Added capability to zoom out to filmstrip mode where photos can be deleted by swiping up and down.


  • Added actions to some notifications that can be taken directly from the notifications shade. Added capability to expand and collapse email and text notifications by pinching fingers, in order to view more or less information.

Chrome Browser

  • New Chrome Browser provides multi-tabbed web surfing with the world's most popular browser.


  • Resolved random instances of Quickoffice® closing when reviewing a document.

Global Roaming

  • Improved GSM roaming connectivity for expanded global use.

Security Features

  • Repaired the face unlock security feature for enhanced security and ease of use.

Removed Applications

  • Quick Views, Speed Dial, MOTOPRINT.
  • Voice to Text
  • Improved voice to text software experience for texting, emailing, and web search, offering improved accuracy and faster response.

Small Update Hits ASUS TF300, Fixing Some Bugs



The TF300 is a lucky tablet, not only does it come with stock Android but, it's been running Jelly Bean for a lot longer than most others and it's one of the first devices outside of the Nexus line to be given Android 4.2. Now, it's getting a small 17MB update from ASUS – as noted by Android Police – and it brings the version number up to v10.,. Nothing too much to report here, just a bug fix for the most part, some of the changes include the following:

  • IME bugs fix
  • Improve HDMI compatibility with more devices in the market
  • Improve the Gmail compatibility with Splashtop
  • Improve the privacy : only account owner can access any UI or settings related to external storage device
  • Other minor bugs fixed

HTC One Update to Software Version 1.29 Available in the UK



Okay, okay. I know what you're thinking! Why would we care about an update in the UK? Well, mostly because of what's in it, it improves a lot of things about the phone and you can read more here. There's no word on when this update will hit the US carriers but, there's nothing too major in here so we can't imagine that the wait will be too long, but trust AT&T to drag things out as long as they can.

LG Revolution Sees Small Update; Bloatware Actually Removed


This is a strange move for Verizon, not only is an aging device actually getting an update but, it's having some of its bloatware removed. While that sounds nice and all, this is perhaps going to be one of the last – if not the final – updates the Revolution sees, it is after all a first-generation LTE phone from Big Red. Overall, things are tweaked and holes are patched up. Nothing too major here.

Galaxy S 4 On Sprint Gets First OTA Update

Galaxy s4 new pic

This really isn't going to make much of a difference to your lives at all but, Sprint and Samsung have issued the first OTA for the Galaxy S 4 and brings the build to L720VPUAMDL, which is a change from the L720VPUAMDC that the device shipped with. The device is only 30MB in size and those rocking a Galaxy S 4 on Sprint will have probably already have the update installed. This looks very much like Sprint and Samsung were behind getting retail software together for the launch and this update plugs some holes and applies some tape.

HTC Rezound Update Rolling Out Any Moment


As we detailed last week, the Rezound is getting another update, no this is not an OS upgrade, it's just bug fixes and you should be able to download the update right away. More info here.

AT&T's Galaxy Note Could See Jelly Bean Later This Month


Take this one with a grain of salt, as it might not be happening this month. There is reason to believe however that AT&T have plans to update the Original Galaxy Note to Jelly Bean this May. If it does happen, look for the info on Android Headlines and in future OTA Weeklies. Right now though, it could be wishful thinking.

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