Android OTA: Device Updates & Firmware Weekly Report – May 23rd Edition

May 23, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

It’s been a strange week for device updates, it looks like the carriers have gone a little quiet on us, which is to be expected, with Google I/O happening last week and CTIA this week. Thankfully, there was no new version of Android announced at I/O so, those of you just getting Android 4.1 won’t feel even worse! That’s something, right? Nevertheless, let’s get started with this week’s OTA roundup!

Google TV Gets Updated to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean


It’d seem that Google TV isn’t dead just yet, despite no major announcements at I/O, the platform did get a shot in the arm in the form of Android 4.2. That’s right, Google TV is now powered by Android 4.2, which should make things a little smoother, and hopefully allow developers to take better advantage of the hardware that’s been put out there by ASUS, Vizio and HiSense. Unfortunately for some of our readers, this only applies to ARM-based Google TV boxes, which leaves the Intel-powered Logitech Revue out in the cold.

HTC One X and One S to Apparently Get BlinkFeed and Zoe in Upcoming Sense 5.0 Update


One of the more annoying things about the way HTC handles updates, is that there’s a separate update from the Android system updates in the form of Sense. There was version 4, then version 4+ and now Sense 5.0. HTC have been doing this for a while now, it’s aggravating when your device gets left behind but, for One X and One S owners this is not the case. Apparently, HTC will be updating the One X and One S to Sense 5.0 and be bringing along Zoe and BlinkFeed for the ride. I wouldn’t get too excited though, if you’re on AT&T it could take a very long time indeed for you to get your hands on the update – remember that Jelly Bean Update?

Sony Xperia ZL (C6506) Gets Small OTA Update


For those packing the Xperia ZL, a small update should be rolling out to your device over the airwaves. This updates the device to software version 10.1.1.A.1.253 and weighs in at 66MB. The main attraction here is that battery life should be improved. Other than that, much is the same, it’s still Android 4.1.2. The update has been available through the PC Companion for a week now, so if you can’t get it over the air, give that a go.

Unlocked HTC Ones and Developer Editions Gets Small OTA Update


Both the Unlocked and Developer Editions of the HTC One are getting a small OTA in the US. It brings the software version up to 1.29.1540.16 and weighs in at just 17MB. Don’t expect Android 4.2 or anything like that, this is just yet another bug fix update.