Android News U.K. Roundup 17/05/13 – RAZR i, BT 4G, Xperia L and More!

May 17, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

As we do every Friday, here is another dose of hearty, British Android news for you all! Turn the telly down, go and grab a cuppa and read up on the most important Android news that affects the UK. As a Brit myself, it’s nice to write about the little things that are closer to home, so let’s get on with it, shall we?!

Motorola RAZR i Now Available with 3


The RAZR i is a curious device, it’s a well-built smartphone with an easily managed screen size of 4.3-inches, on the inside it’s powered by Intel’s mobile technology, which sets this apart from all of the ARM devices on the market. It’s been out for quite a while now, and it’s only just hitting 3 but, if you’re in the market for a new contract or just a new device, then the RAZR i will not disappoint. It’s also going for some very attractive prices, head on over to 3’s website for more info.

BT Considering Their Own 4G Mobile Network; Possible 2014 Launch

BT logo

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard of BT eyeing up the prospects of a 4G mobile network. Since they bought £200 Million worth of 4G spectrum at the recent auction, questions have been raised concerning just what BT were up to. Well, in an interview with The Telegraph CEO Ian Livingston has hinted at the possibility of a 4G mobile network from BT, to be sold alongside their TV and Broadband packages. Come 2014, the package deal might get a whole lot more mobile, and a lot faster.

Netflix Begins Streaming Disney Movies in the UK and Ireland


So, while this is not particularly Android news, I am sure a good many of you reading this probably use your tablet or smartphone to sedate the kids. If you’re a Netflix subscriber, that just got a whole lot easier now that Disney movies are part of their streaming repertoire. Those long trips in the car are about to get a little bit easier.

Xperia L Now Available in the UK 


If you don’t remember the Xperia L, we’re certainly not going to judge. It’s a mid-range device from Sony that puts emphasis on being able to take just as good photos as the more high-end devices, without the price tag. What you’re looking at here is a 4.3-inch smartphone with a dual-core 1 Ghz CPU, 1GB RAM and an 8MP camera. It’s available now from Clove for £228 and Amazon for a little bit more at £249.99. Take a look at the video below for a more in-depth look.!

Phones4U Selling Huawei’s Ascend P2


The Ascend P2 is a 720p 4.7-inch smartphone with a quad-core CPU from Huawei and you’ll be able to get it from Phones4U in White. It’s a decent enough device that should hopefully not carry too large a price tag when it launches next month. You’ll also be able to get your hands on the device on Three, too.

Sony Xperia ZR Will Not be Sold in The UK


Here in the UK we’re a little more lucky than other territories, as we get pretty much every smartphone that Sony makes. We got the Xperia Z before most countries and we’ll end up getting their next flagship in a timely fashion as well. What we won’t be getting however, is the chance to buy the Xperia ZR, the device that takes from both the Xperia Z and the ZL but, brings things down in size a little bit. If you want to learn more about the smartphone we won’t be getting then read more here.

Samsung’s Galaxy Mega Series Delayed


No matter ho ridiculous the Mega series, at 5.8-inches and 6.3-inches seem, there’s clearly a market for this sort of thing. Those in the UK were disappointed enough to find out that the 5.8-inch version would not be sold here but, now we’re finding out the 6.3-inch version might not be launching until as late as July. Will you be waiting for it, or is it too close to the size of a tablet for your pocket?