Android Games Weekly 05/31/13: Ouya, Real Racing 3, Project Shield, World War Z and More!


Ouya Game Console Gets CWM Love
Great news for you all Android hackers out there, an official thread has been started over at XDA where some developers have been making headway on the alternate recovery front for the OUYA. Word is they have been putting in devoted hours on a working clockwork mod recovery and now they have an official port
The idea of rooting and throwing on some much loved customization to the OUYA was always the plan, its now becoming a reality though and the retail version of the console hasn't even hit store shelves. Could we be looking at some custom roms by the time the consumer models are available?

Dubai Update For Real Racing 3 Now Availableunnamed
Another rather awesome update is here from EA and Firemonkeys for Real Racing 3. This new update which was tagged by EA as "coming soon" a few days ago is here now and includes a new city (Dubai) of tracks and events and even some new cars. all of this information can be found on EA's Facebook page where they started teasing the update along with a teaser video. Have a look at the good stuff below. The update allows you to race in Dubai during the twilight hours on six new tracks with 50 new events, and pick up new cars from Dodge and Lexus which include the Lexus IS-F, Lexus LFA, Dodge Charger RT, and Dodge Charger SRT8. The Update is live now so if you play Real Racing Three you can race over to the play store and start it up.

Footage Of Zyngas MOBA Game 'Solstice Arena' SurfacesSolstice-Arena-android-game
The MOBA style game has become an increasingly popular one, thanks to games like League of Legends and DOTA 2 on the PC. Mobile games publisher Zynga has noticed that popularity and has set to out to make a MOBA game of their own called Solstice Arena. We have written about the game before, but now there is some video footage of the game in action which is exciting to see how it stacks up against the other MOBA game on android currently, Gameloft's 'Heroes of Order and Chaos'.Solstice-Arena-android-game-2 Solstice Arena will particularly only support 3v3 games for now it seems, and you can select a champion form one of five different types including sun, moon, earth, iron, and void. The video is rather lengthy, but gives you some good insight as to the touch controls and how the game will work and look.


World War Z Spin-Off Game Has Arrived; Infecting Players With Excitementunnamed (1)Coming from Phosphor games, the same development team behind 'HORN' for Tegra devices, is the new zombie game based off the upcoming movie World War Z. The movie stars Brad Pitt, and seems to be very loosely based on the book, and the game will follow more closely to the movie of course but definitely seems to have some potential as a great FPS game for Android. Who doesn't love shooting some zombies in the faceworld-war-z-android-game-2. The game features an intense story line from the film, and includes upgrade-able weapons, creepy radio broadcasts that may or may not give you nightmares, and a re-playable challenge mode. Other features include multiple combat types of play throughout the game, puzzles to solve and 28 levels of play. If you fancy yourself another zombie horde game, check this iteration of the undead masses at your fingertips from phosphor games.

Nvidia Showcases Final Firmware Build For Project Shieldnvidia-project-shield-handheld-android-gaming-console
If you've been keeping up on all the news about the upcoming handheld Android gaming console Project Shield from Nvidia, you might already know that they have a rather large blog post containing information that describes the units "behind the scenes efforts". In case you missed some of that, the good news is you can still feast your eyes on all of that information at their blog. The better news is that they have released a new video talking about the final firmware and even more behind the scenes info, as well as some of the pre-loaded games that will come on the device. The firmware as it stands is now the final build ,so it seems Nvidia is happy with the results of how the shield will now look and operate. The pre-loaded games that are showcased are Sonic 4 Episode II, and Expendable rearmed. Project shield is available now for pre-order for $350 and has been since May 17th. Who's grabbing one?

The Android Gaming Console From BlueStacks Gets A Price TagGamePop-Android-game-console-Bluestacks
In the midst of all the Android game consoles popping up, BlueStacks has saw fit to release their own, called the Gamepop. It will be a bit different from the rest, as it centers around a gaming subscription service and you will have access to the games that you want to play, much like Gamefly for Console games. The console has a final Price point of $129 dollars, and will charge players a flat $6.99 monthly fee to access all games at any time, whereas consoles like the OUYA and Game stick will have free-to-play games and purchasable games that gamers can access. So far there are about 500 games available that player will have access to with more developers that will be added to the lineup consistently.


Gameloft Updates Zombiewood; Could the Update Include Multiplayer?unnamed (2)
Zombiewood fans get a game update that adds in a new game mode, a new map, some new weapons and new zombies. So if you've been dragging your feet on this one, or just on playing the game in general, now might be a good time to start. The update officially includes two new map to destroy every living (or unliving?) zombie in sight which are the top of a high rise building, and old mansion. You will also find the survival mode called "Blockbuster premiere mode", a couple new zombies to look out for called bomber girl and rocket boy. Not finding the old weapons doing the job against your new undead foes? Not to worry, that's why you'll the new Hydra weapon in the game to help you along. The update also includes some new outfits and such. The teaser video below also seems to tease something big coming this month. Could it be a multiplayer mode? Lets hear about it in the comments.

Glu Mobile Soon To Cater To The Gambler On The Gonexusae0_iHYNRvruYEnn4iNXWC8qgqYg83Wy0hDAILHVN6qoRDs_thumb
Glu mobile, the developers behind many of the free to play and freemium games on Android and iOS seems to want to allow you the opportunity to gamble in your games by the end of Q2. They will be starting this process with Deer Hunter Reloaded, allowing players to bet small amounts of 'Real Money' for winning during skill based gameplay. unnamedThe company behind the gambling system, (skillz) thinks they have come up with a way to clean up the messy issue of gambling by tagging your location using gps at the start of play, which will allow the game to analyze whether or not you can participate in the game or not. If you reside in a state that has outlawed any sort of gambling or this particular type, no game time for you. The game Deer Hunter Reloaded is available now, but the skillz gambling system won't show up till later this summer. This should give plenty of time for those of you who want to participate some practice.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1

Boobs, Bullets, And The Undeadunnamed (3)
When you're playing games, if the first thought on your mind is that you'd like to have more cleavage along with that healthy dose of virtual enjoyment than you're in luck. Because Jane Wilde is here to fulfill your every dream. Errmm… at least the one where you can stare at her, you know.. big guns while you shoot down masses of the undead. Jane Wilde is a new wild west side scrolling shooter where you have to dispose of the creepy undead that have taken over, and you will look rather good while doing it.unnamed (1) You're the very first female sheriff and you'll be damned if some darn tootin zombies are gonna stop you from making your town a safer place. Use weapons like a revolver, a shotgun, and the freeze bow to stop the teeming hordes in their tracks. Not a fan of the regular outfit Jane is wearing when you start the game? Not to worry because there will be some unlockables allowing you to switch it up. Over 30 levels with boss fights, tons of weapons, special powers and plenty of… titillating action. You should have your hands full with this one.

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