All Developers Can Now Respond to Reviews Left in the Play Store

May 13, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

There’s a saying about the Internet that is really true, it goes like this “The great thing about the Internet is that everybody gets a voice, the worst thing about the Internet is that everybody gets a voice”. I can imagine that this is no more true than when you’re trying to sell something to the masses, and in a place like the Google Play Store, where user reviews are one of the biggest factors would-be buyers or users make up their mind, it can be hurtful and quite awful to see a string of one-star reviews with nasty comments. For some time now, Google have been testing the ability for developers to respond to users in the Play Store.

I’ve seen this in action and it can be really quite helpful for new users. For instance, someone might leave a one-star comment because of a severe bug concerning a new device, like the Galaxy S 4. The developer can reply to this comment letting the reviewer (and everyone else) that the issue has been fixed. That’s a small step but, for all those Galaxy S 4 users out there, they’ll be able to see that this app or game now works for their device. Not only that but, this developer is someone who cares about their users.

It can also be a great tool for developers as well, to encourage users how best to use the app, or to get feedback on what features to include in future updates. It’s not pleasant to see a raft of one-star reviews because of a bad update, but now all developers in the Play Store can respond to these comments and maybe turn some of those one-stars into something a little more forgiving.

This is a great new feature for the Play Store and I can see new loyalty being built between develops and their users. Would you like to get a response from a developer concerning an issue or a bug? I know I’d prefer it than being left in the dark.

[Source: Android Developers]