AH Primetime: Sony to Make the Best Smartphone Cameras?


Smartphone cameras have seen massive improvements over the last few years. A few years ago many smartphones struggled to take good photos only in the most perfect of light. A seemingly innocent, even fluffy cloud, could become any amateur photographer's nemesis. Turning a perfectly fine portrait into a hideous grainy spectacle of colors that have never existed in nature.

Many different smartphone manufacturers have marketed all kinds of camera features. Many have tried interesting, but ultimately gimmicky, ideas like the extremely hyped 3D shooter in the HTC EVO 3D. Now it seems like most manufacturers have become content with racing to see who can pack the most megapixels into their devices.

Unfortunately picture quality does not depend solely upon one number. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 can take fantastically high resolution pictures that look amazing. Unfortunately they still suffer in low light situations. HTC has done the most to mitigate these issues with its "ultrapixel" camera. While their camera certainly has the best low light performance of any smartphone sensor, it's low resolution allows very little zoom. In addition the 4megapixel resolution makes photos look poor blown up.

Of all the major names in smartphone manufacturing today one name is recognized above all others for its high quality digital camera. Sony has been making excellent cameras for decades, and their cybershot line has some of the best pocket digital cameras available today. Unfortunately they haven't applied much expertise to their Xperia line of phones. I'm not saying their Exymos R and Exymos RS are bad, but they haven't really lived up to Sony's reputation.

If the rumors about Sony's new smartphone are true, we can expect a smartphone that's finally worthy of Sony. Codenamed Honami, it is rumored to boast a 16 megapixel camera, packing a massive 1.5 inch sensor. The huge sensor really excites me far more than the megapixel count. Sensor size is considered to be the most important facor in producing excellent pictures. Sony must be confident in the camera's quality, as it has been discovered that the Cybershot brand-name will actually be used for the Honami's camera.

Sony is an excellent tech company that hasn't been able to grab a hold in the smartphone market. They have much expertise in many fields that have remained unused in their phones. The Honami, with its fantastic camera and long spec sheet, looks to be the very first smartphone from Sony that fulfills the Japanese company's potential.

Who do you think makes the best smartphone cameras? Will Sony's new smartphone have what it takes to finally bring them success? Let us know what you think in the comments below. If you want to stay up to date on all the latest android news and rumors, become part of the AH community over on Google Plus!

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