AH Primetime: Consider Me Not a Fan of Google Glass

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Google Glass – the pair of glasses for the "uber-geek", is coming.  Photos about, first hand reviews are rolling in as are numerous concerns about the future that is being ushered in.  Many of the concerns being voiced by everyday computer users and technology fans as well as businesses and politicians revolve around the concern that people wearing Google Glass are going to perform mass invasions of privacy on unsuspecting and unwilling third parties.  I get that concern, I really do, but my concern actually goes a little bit in a different direction.

Google and countless others already know much more information about me than I care for; probably more than I can recount if I'm honest with myself.  They see what I search for online, know the sites I visit, who I communicate with and what about.  I've reconciled myself to being okay with that as I have come to rely on their services so heavily because they just integrate so well with each other.  It is the new frontier that they are pioneering that is bothersome to me, and maybe others.

What I take the time to look at becomes a potential target goldmine of one's and zero's for Google and their affiliates to sift through.  We don't know for sure what information Google is going to be collecting from Google Glass, but it I'm willing to bet that they WILL gather some information.  It isn't too far of a leap of the imagination that archiving what I'm seeing via Google Glass will be a part of it.  While some might say that this isn't in the scope of what Google Glass can do, and others might say that it isn't in the scope of the type of information that Google is going to try to collect, I say "Wait. Be patient. It will be."

Therefore, count me out when it comes to Google Glass. I'll continue with my simple Harley Davidson frames and Clark Kent/Superman complex.  What are your thoughts on the nature of Google Glass and whether they are an invasion of your privacy even more so than that of others?  Let us know in the comments and on Google+.