According to Bill Gates, Android Tablet Users Will Soon Switch To Windows Tablets

Back in 2007, Apple launched the iPad and brought back a category most people had thought was dead, and that's tablet computers. Other companies had tried them before, but the operating systems were not optimized for touch and everything was just buggy. Apple created something that was simple to use and worked very well. Even if you hate the iPad, you have to give Apple credit, because with it, Android tablets would be a whole different story today. Microsoft attempted to re-enter the tablet market with Windows 8 and its Surface tablets, but ultimately, the company hasn't had very much luck. Bill Gates claims that most current tablet users are "frustrated" by the limitations presented by Android.

While speaking to CNBC, Gates said that soon, most Android tablet users will make the switch to Windows-powered tablets. He says users are currently frustrated by Android's inability to perform basic tasks. According to Mr. Gates, "they can't type, they can't create documents, they don't have Office there".

Now, hold on Bill, let me paint a quick picture for you. The IDC claims that over 253 million tablets have been sold. The majority of those are powered by Android and iOS. Just 2 million are powered by Windows and just 900,000 are Surface tablets, which equates to roughly 1.9 percent of the tablet market. That right there should tell you something about Microsoft's tablet offerings.

Despite the numbers telling a totally different story, Gates goes on to claim that Windows tablets provide users "the benefits of something they've seen and made that a big category, but without giving up what they expect in a PC." With the Surface Pro and Surface RT, Bill Gates claims that "you've got that portability of a tablet but the richness of a PC in terms of the keyboard, Microsoft Office of a PC." It's worth noting that supposedly "portable" Windows Pro tablet weighs a whopping 2 pounds, while the Nexus 10 weighs in at 1.3 pounds. Make of that what you will.

What do you think of Bill Gates' comments? Will most Android tablet users end up switching to Windows tablets? Let us know down in the comments!

Source: The Guardian

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