Zillow for Android Updated With Support For 3D Maps

April 10, 2013 - Written By Chance Miller

Shopping for a new home or apartment has gotten a lot easier since smartphones became a common thing. No longer do you have to drive around from house to house to get information and pictures of the place. Now, you can simply = browse all available homes on your smartphone or computer. For smartphones, Zillow has been one of the top apps to use for browsing homes and apartments. In our countdown of the top 10 apartment hunting apps, it was number 2 on the list, and on Wednesday, it received a pretty big update.

In a blog post, the Zillow team announced that it has updated its Android app with a host of new features. The biggest update is the integration of  3D Google Maps, making browsing maps for land value and more, even easier. The tablet user interface also got a small overhaul with an improved address bar and a simplified information page.


  • Search with enhanced toolbar navigation options, making it easier for shoppers to view homes in a list or on a map, update filters, save a search, save favorite homes or contact a local agent.
  • Access expanded home details on the listing page of each property.
  • View search results on a 3D map with the integration of the latest version of Google Maps.

Other standard features of Zillow include the ability to to search for homes based on your current location. Another cool feature in Zillow is the ability to draw your own boundaries on location. It doesn’t have to be a city line. It could be a road, state, or whatever you want. You can also view listings side by side, making comparing features a very easy process.

Zillow has also announced that about 89 homes are viewed per second via its mobile apps, which further proves that mobile devices are becoming a bigger and bigger part of everyone’s life.

Do you have any plans on moving? How much of an impact will your mobile device and its apps have on your decision? Let us know what you think down in the comments!