Verizon's Galaxy S IV Up for Pre-Order Now!


Today Verizon proved they could actually stuck to their word and have now listed the Samsung Galaxy S4 from the very popular Galaxy line. Verizon has now put the device up for pre-order on their own site, which is actually a little slower than some other distributors such as Best Buy, who beat them to the listings by only a few days. To be precise, Best Buy listed the Galaxy S4 for pre-order on the 22nd April (3 days earlier).

Verizon have listed both black and white models on their website, however so far Verizon have only listed the 16GB models for pre-order. To date, their has been no sign what so ever of a 32GB or higher S4. There will almost definitely be higher spaced models, but for now only the 16GB versions have made an appearance.


Verizon's tag added to the listing is:

The Samsung Galaxy S® 4 does what you want and what you didn't even know was possible. Capture your life with an innovative camera. Control your TV right from your phone. Preview photos and read the news without touching the screen. Add fast 4G LTE. The Galaxy S 4 does things the way they should be doneâ€"your way.

In my opinion, this sums up the Galaxy S4 very nicely.


Another thing to note is that no matter when you pre-order your device, Verizon have stated that non of the pre-orders will be shipped before the 30th of May, so for those of you who can't wait, you still have at least an anxious month or so.

Also Verizon have listed both methods of purchasing the device, they have listed the Pay As You Go Model, which will set you back a cool $649 and is bound to leave some people with a whole in their pockets. With this said however, Samsung has implemented some new and intuitive features in their S4, namely the "Eye-Tracking". However, some may think that a $649 price tag is just too high.

Up for pre-order is also the S4 on contract which will cost $40 a month, for Verizon's services, with a down payment of $199 for the device itself. Neither of these options are very cheap, and may make this device not as accessible as some of the other models. However most new devices, the HTC One, Samsung's Galaxy S4, Sony's Xperia Z are all released with similar price tags.


Are you going to be pre-ordering, waiting for release or is the price tag just too high? Let us know in the comments.

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