Verizon Now Offering 12-Month Payment Plans for Smartphones, Starting April 21st


Verizon's CEO, Lowell McAdam publicly stated that the company would be more than happy to provide contract-free smartphones with similar payment plans to what T-Mobile is offering. More specifically, consumers will be able to obtain a device contract-free, with their payments spread out over a certain period of time. Basically, through T-Mobile's new plans you finance your device, at least that's one way to describe it. Verizon has shown interest in taking the same approach with their own customers.

Beginning April 21st, Verizon will be offering select smartphones and tablets to customers with a 12-month payment plan that's totally contract-free. At first glance,  this seems great, especially for anyone that wants to upgrade to the latest and greatest device every year. Sure, you won't be bogged down by a two year contract anymore, but there's one thing Verizon didn't mention.


The wireless service plans are not changing at all, which means, customers will still be paying the same amount of money. For example, if you decide to go with the 12-month payment plan for a new device, Verizon is still going to charge you subsidies that are already included in the smartphone and wireless plans. Tricky, tricky Big Red.

It seems like the best choice for contract free service really is T-Mobile at this point. My issue with T-Mobile, at least where I live in Florida, is that their service is not so great. Still, I'd rather deal with a mediocre service at this point than pay extra money to such a greedy company like Verizon.

Looking back, that really sounds like I'm jaded, doesn't it? I swear that's not true at all, I just think this was a pretty sleazy move by Verizon. Unless they decide to mess around with those wireless service plans and bring the price down, but why would they do that? After all, they must really need that extra money from your pockets.


Verizon customers, what do you think of this news? Will this news affect anyone that already plans to switch over to T-Mobile? I doubt it will change minds, but it's still a good idea to ask around.

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