Value Pack Update for LG Optimus G Pro Brings new Functionality to LG's Latest

The LG Optimus G Pro is getting a new update dubbed the "Value Pack" featuring new functionality that will give the device more Samsung Galaxy S4-like functionality. The soon to be released update also came with a video demonstration that explains the new additions. So without further a do, let's watch the tape and comment after.

The new update brings to the Optimus G Pro's camera app the feature of Dual Camera, the ability to snap and combine the picture of both the read and front camera, a feature we already saw at the Galaxy S4. I don't know if the S4 lets you move where the front camera picture will be set, but either way, it's pretty much the same thing.

Another feature, which I personally don't see the use of, is the video pause feature named Video Smart. I mean really, why use battery time to see if you are actively watching the video when, if you want to pause it you can easily do it with a tap or two.

The last thing they featured is the new ability of the camera app to pause and resume video recording. While I like the idea, it does not bring anything we haven't seen before. If, for example, it would let you pause the video but let you still record audio, it would be a nifty thing that would definitely give stop-motion amateurs a thing to look for.

The update will be available for the Korean market starting sometime this month. While AT&T look all set to carry the Optimus G Pro in the States.

So, to sum up, the Optimus G Pro looks like the Galaxy S4 and now has more of Samsung's features which, in my opinion, aren't one of the handsets main selling points. I always thought of OEM's pre-installed apps as being mostly nothing to be excited about, since the Android developer ecosystem always pushes to bring these features to other phones by borrowing or improving the functionality within weeks or months of the release. So if you like an app, but don't like or can't afford the handset, you just have to wait until somebody releases a similar app for the rest of the phones.

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