Upcoming Sony Google TV Device Gets WiFi Certification; More Google TV Announcements Come I/O?


There's no denying that Google's Android platform has become extremely successful, but they've yet to enjoy the same sort of success when it comes to Google TV. Google TV launched some time ago now, to little fanfare, and it's still plodding along with little support from industry partners and it's hardly pushed to customers when it comes to marketing. Google TV has struggled to become relevant, even though more and more TVs are switching on to the web, the big cable companies are trying everything they can to make sure services like Google TV stay a niche product.

Sony have been one of the more active partners when it comes to Google TV hardware and last year they released the NSZ-G7, which was a solid device, if not a little pricey – at least compared to the Co-Star and ASUS' Cube. A new device with the model number of NSZ-G8 has received WiFi certification, which could hint at Sony getting ready to release a whole new Google TV box soon. Other than the WiFi certification, there's little news to go along with it but, Sony have shown then have faith in the platform before.

Google I/O is fast approaching and this could be a sign that Google are looking to give Google TV a much-needed shot in the arm. Recently, we've seen more support for the platform, with HiSense joining the fold and ASUS releasing the Cube. The problem with Google TV right now though, is that it doesn't seem a mature platform and presents little more than a web-browser and all the services your Xbox, most smart TVs or a Roku box can deliver. If Google are hoping to make Google TV a successful platform they will have to show off added value to potential buyers and content partners alike.


It's still a niche product right now but, that needn't be the case, Google have enough content through the Play Store and services like Netflix that perhaps all Google TV needs is some extra polish, what do you think?

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