Featured: Top 10 Best Android Movie Trailer Apps

Top 10 Best Android Movie Trailer Apps

As the summer movie season grows ever closer, many of us are excited to see how Hollywood will bitterly disappoint us this year.  But if we are going to get a preview of whatever piece of our child hood Micheal Bay is going to be spitting on next it is best to do it from your android device. When we do these top ten lists often we find ten apps that will do the job, but some of them are better than others. In this case we have a few apps for you to avoid, as well as several fantastic options that will get the job done.


10. Smart Movies

smart movies

As you may have guessed by its rank, this app is probably one that you’ll want to avoid. There doesn’t seem to be any practical function to this application. For starters there is not search functionality, and there also seems to only be a very few actual trailers in the app at any given point.  In addition to the inexplicable inclusion of obscure movie sound tracks, even the few trailers you can watch are just links to Youtube. This is where I’d usually make a joke based on the word “smart” being in the name of this app, but lets take the high road and move on to better options.



9. Movie Trailers by DavidLanz


Although this app has an antiquated user interface, it does at least give you a small selection of movie trailers to watch. Unlike some of the other apps on this list, this application also includes links to quite a few Youtube videos. Some of them are actually pretty funny. The one entitled “100 Cheesiest Movie Quotes” had some good ones in it. But it probably makes more sense to just find that video on Youtube instead of downloading this mostly useless app. I promise we do have some options on this list that are actually viable. Speaking of which…




8. Actual Movie Trailers

actual movei trailers

The tagline “The only trailer source you will need” is a bit of an exaggeration. But Actual Movie Trailers does include a decent search functionality plus a half-decent user interface. The biggest problem with this app is that it only seems to work in landscape mode. And the design only allows for four or five trailers to be on your screen at any given moment. So if you want to look through a large collection of trailers like this one, you’ll need to do quite a bit of scrolling. But still, this isn’t a bad option if you only want to watch a trailer. If you are looking for something with a little more functionality, keep reading.




7. Movie Trailers

movie trailers

This is another app that falls into the “Basically just does movie trailers” category. This certainly doesn’t have the most refined interface, and unfortunately the list of trailers doesn’t include a thumbnail or a preview. However the search function is pretty solid, and in a pinch you’ll be able to find most of what you are looking for here. This app also includes TV show previews and opening sequences from some movies. These are a nice addition, but the design of the app doesn’t do a great job of making it easy to navigate between these different options.




6. Moviefone



Moviefone is probably the first name on this list that most of us recognize. Simply put, this app gets the job done, but there are better options coming up soon. Of course in addition to watching trailers for the latest movies you can also read movie-related news, check local movie times, and also purchase tickets. This search function is certainly the best we have seen so far on this list. Unfortunately, this app also has some bugs that need to be fixed. Despite a recent update, this app regularly fails to load updated news, and it also sometimes fails to find an accurate location automatically when you are trying to look up local theaters. Hopefully Moviefone will take this app a little more seriously and improve the UI  and functionality in the near future. But until they do, I’d recommend something that is a little more dependable.







Obviously, IMDB is the best source you can find for movie news, information and news. Nothing on this list comes anywhere close to this app in this regard. The only reason IMDB isn’t ranked higher is that it’s main function isn’t watching movie trailers, and that is what this list is about, after all. If you consider yourself a movie buff I’m sure you already have this app on your phone and/or tablet. It is great to have an app that gives such detailed information about a move while also giving you a trailer to watch. If you are only going to use one app to answer every question you’ll ever have about any movie, this is the one you’ll want.





4. Google Play Movies and TV

google play movies


Of course we had to put the official Google Play Movies app on here somewhere. Obviously the selection of movies for rent and purchase available on the Play Store needs to grow considerably before it can truly compete with the likes of iTunes. But the sharp interface, powerful search function and dependable updates make this a legitimate contender for the attention of someone looking to watch trailers and purchase movies/ TV shows.




3. Movies by Flixster



This is probably my personal favorite on this list. In addition to all the functionality and selection you could want in terms of trailers, you also have access to Rotten Tomatoes ratings for each film in the RT database. I’m a huge fan of Rotten Tomatoes, so when I’m trying to decide if I should go see a movie or not, this is often my first stop. I love the user interface, the in-depth information about every movie, and the database that includes ratings of past movies as well as new releases. Flixster also allows you to purchase movie tickets and view local showtimes. All things considered, this app gets the job done every time.



2. Fandango



Obviously Fandango is mostly known for selling movie tickets, but to that end they have included the option to watch trailers for any movie that is currently in theaters. This application might have my favorite user interface of any on this list. Navigating this app is simple, yet it is easy to find any movie you are looking for. Personally, if I go to the movies, I use this app every time. Fandango lets you use your phone as your movie ticket at most theaters, and you can also pay for your tickets with PayPal, which is a big plus for me. Of course Fandango doesn’t have the database of older movies that Flixster has, but if you are looking to learn about a movie that is in theaters right now, this is your best bet.





1. CineTrailer Movie


What more could you want? A beautiful UI that is easy to navigate yet functional. A massive selection of HD movie trailers and information. In some ways CineTrailer seems like a version of IMDB with a better designed interface. Each movie has its own page with lots of background information and even behind the scenes and publicity photos. This app works equally well on tablets or smartphones. I use it on my Nexus 7 on a pretty regular basis, and I think this might be one of my favorite apps period. Every movie buff should have already installed this app. Enjoy.