Tiny Apps Suite of Five Apps Gives You Quick Access to Floating Utilities


Ever since the Galaxy S III was launched, with the cool pop-up play feature, that allowed you to watch a video on top of whatever other app you had running, there's been a little bit of a craze when it comes to these floating apps. Sony, LG and others have picked up on this and included these sort of apps in their devices, and there's no blaming them, quick-access utilities like a note pad or a calculator are really useful. That's all fine and well but, we can't all have a device that has these apps built into them and I'm sure I speak for most of you out there in saying that I'm not going to buy a particular smartphone or tablet because of these features. Never fear though, for there are apps out there that will help you out in this department.

Tiny Apps is a set of five utilities that float on top of whatever app you have open and provide you some quick and easy access to apps you might otherwise have to swap in and out of. Take a look at what the five apps can offer you:


Tiny Notes
Save notes to your storage
Open saved notes
Share text right out of Tiny Notes
Copy and paste supported

Tiny Recorder
Start a recording and save it to your storage
Delete and share recordings

Tiny Paint
Trace something on your screen
Open and save paintings
Select one of 36 colors
Undo possibility
Clear canvas


Tiny Musicplayer
Lists all musicfiles on your device
Displays artist, title and albumcover
Play/pause, next, previous
Select random sequence
Enable repeatmode

Tiny Calculator
Calculate simple and complex arithmetical problems
Switch between basic and advanced numberpad
Copy the result to your clipboard

You can download the five apps together in the Tiny Apps Lite package from the Play Store and they're really something useful to have at your fingertips. Especially if you're trying to add something up from your online bank or planning a big blowout on Amazon, you can just quickly bring that calculator up to save yourself a little frustration. The notepad and music player are quite useful as well.




Depending on how you use your smartphone or tablet, you could get very different uses out of the five apps, and if they're something that you really find pretty useful, then why not take a look at the Pro version in the Play Store? It comes with a few more features, and isn't too pricey for something like this. Best of all, it's all Holo themed, so the apps will look at home on that AOSP-based ROM you slipped onto your Galaxy S III or your Nexus 7.


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