The Sony Xperia Tablet Z Up for Pre-Order In the US!


The tablet version of Sony's incredibly successful Xperia Z was first made available in Japan 3 months ago. Since then it has been seen at Mobile World Congress, but now you can pre-order your device from the Sony website.

How Does it Stack Up to the Competition?

Just like the mobile equivalent the Xperia Tablet Z has a hefty list of features (originally seen at MWC 2013) but isn't the biggest hitter on the blocks.

  • Qualcomm S4 Pro Processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 1920×1200 10.1-Inch Display
  • 6000mAh Battery
  • Super Thin, water and dust resistant case
  • Android 4.2 Software
  • $499 for 16GB Flash, $599 for 32GB Flash

While similar to the Nexus 10, the Xperia Tablet Z falls down a little when compared to it. It's $100 more expensive, has a less impressive display (still a very nice one), a significantly smaller battery and doesn't run stock Android, which could be a real turn-off for some of you.

The looks are quite stylish; it's also light, thin and incredibly strong. For the AOSP-obsessed ones (like myself and a lot of staff here at Android Headlines) I wouldn't worry too much about the Xperia Tablet Z being kitted out with a Sony custom skin. In my experience Sony tend to make the least intrusive of all additions and (with the recent release of an AOSP build for the Xperia Z) there is a possibility for an AOSP build to be released later on.

It would still be a good tablet, if the processing power didn't leave you wanting for just a little more. I've heard that it can stutter slightly on the home screen, and when compared to a much less powerful Samsung Note 8.0 it appears to run much slower. I assume there's just a few small bugs to work out with their version of Android but it's still something to consider.


Should One Buy One?

Naturally that's difficult to say until it's been formally released and tested. However, if you want a good tablet to run around with that's light, tough and looks good, then the Tablet Z is a great choice.

Sony officially announced availability on their blog along with a cute little commercial with their mascot Dreyfus.


I reckon the handicapped dog is a little adorable (but how did he crack the egg?) and the video truly does show the best features of the device. Should you purchase the white 32GB version you'll also get the fancy little dock (worth $45) that appears in the video.

Pre-order here