The OUYA Has 10,000 Developers Worldwide

Just with Android itself, and any other mobile platform, the one thing the OUYA needs to become successful is developer support. Android wouldn't be anything without tall the app developers and game developers creating brilliant pieces of software for the platform. The same goes for iOS and for Windows Phone. The OUYA, while it might run Android, is faced with the same trials, it needs to get a whole lot of content providers on board before it can be called a success.

Let's take a look at the Nintendo 3DS and the PS Vita, both brilliant platforms for games but, they struggled to get going due to a lack of content from game developers. Things are looking a lot better for Nintendo but the PS Vita still lags behind thanks to a small library of titles, not to mention they're pretty expensive. The OUYA on the other hand, has the advantage in that game developers already know how to code for Android, they just need to make adjustments for the OUYA.

Head of developer relations for OUYA, Kellee Santiago has revealed that the plucky little console has as many as 10,000 developers gearing up to provide content for the device. That's one hell of a number, and even if only half of those developers even produce a game within the OUYA's first year, that makes for a big library of games for the Android console.

Being able to offer a wide-range of gaming content is going to make the OUYA very happy in living rooms across the world, after all, that's why the Wii was so popular for so long. This sort of support is really quite re-assuring and should make for a console that won't be going without when it comes to games. Having a console with nothing to play on it is boring, and so we're glad to see that this is one problem the OUYA won't be facing.

What do you think to the OUYA?


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