Team Kang Reaches Milestone, Releases AOKPush to Celebrate


Team Kang, the AOKP development team is seeing quite a bit of success lately. AOKP has been installed more than a million times on Android devices. To celebrate this monumental milestone, a member of the AOKP team Gergely Szell released AOKPush. It's primarily a way for AOKP fans to stay up to date on all the latest news, update information and official builds. Four feeds have been established: Milestone, Nightly, Test and Fun. The last feed in that list, "Fun" will include news updates directly from the team, while the rest will all contain pertinent update information.

Recently the AOKP team rebased their latest ROM on Android 4.2.x and released six official builds. With each release,  they also added new supported devices, new features and a series of bug fixes. Milestone 1 is on the way, which won't introduce any new features, but will ideally improve upon the user experience by ironing out bugs and software issues.


As it turns out, Kang has also decided to move on from the previous release schedule. Instead of releasing builds every 2 or 3 weeks, they're going to move on to "nightlies". If you don't already know how that process works, nightlies are usually compiled by a bot at various intervals, and ballsy folks can come along and download the latest builds for testing. This essentially allows developers to continue working on their projects, without taking breaks for human testing periods. Meanwhile, nightly users can submit bug reports and leave comments for developers that will allow them to improve the user experience.

Milestone builds will be released at a minimum of once per month, and will probably happen less often unless the AOKP team deems a particular build decent.

Switching gears back to AOKPush, it's an application that primarily allows you to subscribe to the AOKP related feeds mentioned above. The application itself is $1.31, and the money will go towards the development of AOKP. The exciting news here is that you can keep up with the AOKP project no matter where you are.


Is anyone out there going to pick up the AOKPush app? Have you used it already, what do you think?


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