Sony Brings AOSP to The Xperia Z

April 23, 2013 - Written By Tom Dawson

When you think of AOSP, we normally think of a stock Android ROM that’s built for devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy S line or a HTC Device, something that wasn’t given stock Android when it came off of the factory line. Most of you will know that basically those ROMs are built from the source code found in the Android Open Source Project, given the popularity in stock Android, these ROMs are becoming more and more common. On my One X, I run an AOSP based ROM and I love it, because Sense 4 was never my idea of a fun time.

It’s great that we can do this, and that talented developers out there are willing to spend the time to get our devices so well supported but, wouldn’t it be great if the device manufacturer gave us this choice anyway? Well, that’s exactly what Sony are now doing with the Xperia Z as they’ve deemed it worthy to spend the time on an AOSP build for the device.

Sony are adding the device to their git repo and developers will be able to compile an AOSP build together, it’s worth noting that this really is just meant for developers right now but, we wouldn’t be surprised if some enterprising folks were to bring together complete stock Android ROMs for users to download. Pretty much everything is working right now but, there are a few niggles that need to be worked out, such as NFC, but things like WiFi, Calls and the microSD card slot are all working.

This might not sound like anything too exciting but, when you think about it, it is good to see Sony embrace Android a little more than usual, they experimented with the Xperia S and the AOSP some time ago and they’ve been praised by Jean-Baptiste Queru – the project manager for AOSP – as being one of the most helpful and largest contributors to the AOSP out of all major OEMs. You can take a look at the build in action below:

Does the prospect of a stock build of Android make the Xperia Z seem more appealing to you?

[Source: Sony]