SHADOWGUN: Deadzone 2.0 Released a Full Day Ahead of Schedule and is Now Live in the Play Store


One of the most popular online multiplayer shooters to ever come to Android has just gotten a big new update. If you haven't installed this game on your device, now is most certainly the time. Although this game is far from perfect, it is easily the best multiplayer shooter I've ever played on a mobile device. Of course higher-end devices, especially anything running a Tegra 2 or Tegra 3 CPU will handle this game the best, but even if you aren't running the latest and greatest, it is worth installing the game (it is free after all) and seeing how it performs. The official requirements are 512 MB of RAM and Android 3.0 or higher. I run SHADOWGUN on my Nexus 7 and the game play and graphics are absolutely stunning.

Although we weren't expecting to see the big update that Madfinger had promised until tomorrow, the 2.0 release is live in the Play Store as of around 4pm CST today. This is no minor bugfix update, this is a legitimate update with quite a few tweaks and improvements.

  • New 8 languages (Spanish,French,German,Italian,Russian,Chinese,Korean,Japanese)
  • A brand new cool feature: BOOSTERS (Speed,Armor,Damage,Accuracy,Invisibility) and new Sentry Guns (Plasma,Rocket)
  • Gold rewards for anyone who eliminates opponents with active Boosters
  • New maps: Assembly, Warzone, Vortex, Train yard
  • New deadly weapons
  • Daily challenges and rewards
  • Monitor the game stats of your friends
  • Invite your friends to Zone Control mode
  • Special Tutorial mode for rookies


For starters there are four new weapons (above). It appears that there is basically one more weapon for each main category. There are also some great improvements to the menu and navigation screens. Of course these will take some getting used to for those of us who have already spent quite a bit of time playing the game, but these changes are improvements none the less. Also, it might just be my imagination, but the audio seemed to have a marked improvement  especially in the stereo effect coming from the speakers on my Nexus 7.

This massive update is no doubt an improvement, and for the low low price of free, you won't find a better shooter on a mobile device. Hit the link below to join in the fun.



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