Schmidt on Google Glass Critics "Society Afraid of Change"

Well isn't that true. A good example is the change in Windows 8. Everyone complained that it was horrible, etc., but the only real thing they could say was bad about the new OS was that the start button was gone and the start menu had changed. Sounds like people are just afraid of change, right? Well Google Glass is basically going to be the same. We've seen plenty of people say that Google Glass or Project Glass will never take off. Well our good friend seems to think that society will adapt to this.

Google's chairman, Eric Schmidt stated that before you take a jump into the worst conclusions about how Glass will invade your privacy, it'll have drivers even more distracted. "The proposals that we've seen of applications for Glass are fantastic" Schmidt told a group at Harvard on Thursday. Schmidt went on to say "So let's just see. Give us a little bit more time. Let's not pre-judge a product which is just this week getting to developers. Let's give it a little bit more time to see what human ingenuity around the globe can do."

"Our goal is to make the world better. We'll take the criticism along the way, but criticisms are inevitably from people who are afraid of change or who have not figured out that there will be an adaptation of society to it," Schmidt added.

Wouldn't you expect that from the Chairman of Google? Who's trying to sell the world on wearable computing devices such as Google Glass. It's also a message you'll probably hear from Google for quite a while, as Glass starts trickling into the world and upsetting old social etiquette.

Google's Glass project is another thing altogether. It started out as a concept and has no leapfrogged past smartphones, smart watches, and other personal gadgets we use every day and directly into a world of wearable computers that have long been predicted by researchers and futurists. Previously, Schmidt said that Glass would be available to the general public in about a year, so that would be sometime in 2014. Glass is basically a sunglasses frame, with a small transparent display that can show information from the web. Including directions, temperature, search results and everything in between. There is also a camera that can take video and pictures and a microphone-and-speaker setup that uses voice recognition software to control features.

Project Glass is something that could potentially replace your glasses and sunglasses, and be a lot more expensive. Along with a lot more useful. Now we already know that society doesn't like change, well that's a given. But I'm sure that Project Glass will catch on soon enough.

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