Samsung Performed Internal Test on the Galaxy S 4; Didn't Find it Revolutionary


Ah, the Galaxy S 4, surely, it's the greatest smartphone there ever has been and ever will be, right?! It has to be, it's a Samsung! All joking aside, the Galaxy S 4 is an immensely popular smartphone and it's only just launched. Much like the Galaxy S III before it, Samsung look like they have another multi-million seller on their hands. Reviews throughout the web have praised it as a solid smartphone, with brilliant specs but, lacking in build-quality and anything truly "new". Of course, new is slightly subjective, what's new to you is not new to me for instance, even still there's no arguing that the Galaxy S 4 is very much like the Galaxy S III.



Samsung performed an "internal test" of the Galaxy S 4 and their findings were less than stellar, shall we say. In fact, the report came back as the following (in a nutshell):

Galaxy S4: good, but not the best

  • Samsung is conquering the smartphone market and leading among manufacturers of Android running devices.
  • The test was very impressive, but we do not think that this model can revolutionize the market.

So, there you have it, that's what Samsung thought of their own flagship smartphone. Of course, they weren't shy in calling out their own superiority when it comes to smartphones and stated that they were "conquering the smartphone market" which, at this point is sort of like saying the sun is quite hot. So, if Samsung don't think the Galaxy S 4 is revolutionary, then why did they release it?


Well, Samsung has to play the game just like everybody else and for 2013 that meant moving things up and launching their flagship a little earlier than last year to try and get one up on everyone else. It was more than likely easier for Samsung to release the Galaxy S 4 as a device that built on the rapid departure that was the Galaxy S III than to try something entirely new and risk rushing its development.

What's good to see here is that Samsung might well be finally wising up to the fact that they can do better. If anything, this should put to a very bright future when it comes to the Note line, traditionally Samsung have thought a little more outside the box with the Note line, after all it's easier to take a risk on a niche product. Could this mean that the Note and Galaxy S lines are going to grow further apart?

Regardless of what an internal test says about the smartphone, we have no doubt that Samsung will be more than able to sell millions upon millions of the Galaxy S 4 across the globe. Will you be one of those buying the Galaxy S 4?


[Source: SamMobile]

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