Samsung Now Producing Faster, More Efficient LPDDR3 RAM for Mobile Devices

Just as there was a time when we forgot all about RAM in the PC Industry, it seems that nobody cares about the memory in their smartphones anymore. Well, that is everyone except for Samsung. You can have the fastest CPU in the world but, if your RAM is not keeping up, then the overall performance of your machine isn't going to keep up, either. Mobile memory has obviously been dragging behind Desktop memory for some time now, the size available to the chips is massively different and it's generally harder to produce something that's as small as today's mobile memory is.

Samsung have just announced that they've started production of their 4Gigabit LPDDR3 RAM for mobile devices, being produced using a 20nm manufacturing method. That might not mean much to most of you reading this but, the 4 Gigabit speed here will allow three full HD files at a collective size of 17GB to be transmitted in roughly one second. It'll transfer at a rate of 2,133 Megabits per second, which is much faster than the 800 megabits per second of LPDDR2.

As well as improvements to speed, the new memory will be 20 per cent gentler when it comes to power drain and it should make for much thinner devices. Samsung are claiming that 4 of these put together will deliver a 2GB memory module just 0.8 mm thick. That's some small memory right there!

What does it mean for us though? Well, it essentially means that going forward our devices should get a little thinner - without sacrificing battery life - and there should be a small increase in how long our batteries last us throughout the day. Of course, for a lot of people, the speed improvements are the most exciting factor here and they should help to bring the overall performance of smartphones and tablets to another level.

There's no word on just what devices this memory will end up in but, most OEMs buy mobile memory from Samsung so we could start seeing it in the flagships of 2014. Are you excited to get faster memory in your smartphone?

[Source: Engadget]

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