Samsung might be King in the US; But What About the Rest of The World? See The Top 10 Android Devices Around the World


While most of our readership is heavily based in the US, we have a large international following around the world, and to think that no other Wireless Market matter but the US matters would be foolish. Regardless of where you are in the World, it's always nice to see and hear about what other devices are popular in the world, especially when a lot of us all the run the same fantastic OS that is Android. Handset Detection have put together an excellent Infographic that shows off the Top 10 devices in 7 countries from around the globe. Let us know where in the world you are, and what devices are popular there!

Let's start with out friends across the pond in Great Britain – as a Brit myself – I was a little shocked to see just which devices were popular over here. Although, I'm hardly surprised to see Samsung with so many devices in this list but, it is a sign of the times to see my One X so low low down on this list:


Great Britain


I am a little surprised to see that the two most popular screen sizes are 480 x 800 and 1280 x 720, seems us Brits skipped the whole qHD thing. Let's head over to our friends in Australia and see what they prefer:




Things are a little different down under, which Samsung still taking the lead but, HTC seem to have a larger presence than Great Britain, with 1280 x 720 proving a little more popular than anything else, and of course the Nexus 4 is proving popular here as well. Let's head into Europe now, starting with France:




It seems like the French really like their Samsung devices, as well as that there seem to be quite a few tablets out there as well but, with just 487 unique devices on the market there. Heading further into Europe, let's take a look at Germany now:




The Germans seem to be less impressed with Tablets than the french, with only 10% of devices being tablets. More Samsung here, with a little bit of HTC in here, but no showings from anyone else, seems like a trend is breaking out across Europe. What about sunnier climes in Spain?




Spain seems like the one country in Europe to break away from the pack here, with Sony having quite a few devices in the line-up here, maybe the Xperia Z is proving popular over there as well? No love for the tablet in Spain though, with just 8% or so of devices being tablets, perhaps it's all that sun on those shiny, shiny screens? Let's head over to the Far East now and see what's going on in India:




India is a little different from the rest on this list, with "Android Generic" devices taking the lion's share, narrowly beating out the Galaxy S II. No real love for HTC over here though, or Motorola for that matter – which has been absent throughout most of these nations. What about the US though, we all know the story here, right?


United States


Ah yes, The U.S. of A, well, unsurprisingly the Galaxy S III is the most popular device in the Nation, with 3 times as much as the next device, which is Motorola's Droid RAZR with 5%. What is a little surprising, is that there are as many as 1360 unique devices in the US, with Amazon's Kindle Fire ranking high up on the list, but with only 14% of the market being tablets.

What do you think to the findings laid out here? Surprising, or just as you expected? Let us know where you are in the world and what you think the most popular device is there!

[Source: Handset Detect]

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