Report: Google Babble Being Integrated into Android 5.0 – Key Lime Pie

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Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about a unified messaging service from Google coming in Key Lime Pie which should be introduced to us at Google I/O next month. Today, Android Guys, have come across some new information about Google Babble. It’s supposedly going to be integrated into Android 5.0 – Key Lime Pie. I’m guessing it won’t be an app in the Play Store. Android Guys is using a source close to the engineers team that is developing Babble and has confirmed that the new service will be integrated with the next version of Android which will be debuting in Mid-May at Google I/O in San Francisco. The source also stated that Google’s Babble will also support all the way down to Android 2.3 – Gingerbread.

Like we’ve heard in previous leaks and rumors, Babble will be Google’s way of unifying all their VoIP, IM and video call services together. Right now, their services are kinda all over the place. None of them interact with each other well. So Google Babble is definitely something that is needed. There’s Google Talk, Hangouts, Google Voice, Google+ Messenger, and Chat For Drive (just to name a few) and none of them really communicate with each other.

This is going to be a huge feature for Android, if this is indeed coming in Android 5.0. Sources are also saying that Babble will continue with Google’s philosophy of conversation management. Users will be able to share files in the chat window similarly to how Google+ messenger works. Users will also be able to initiate hangouts with your contacts and all conversations will be connected to Google Services.

This is making Google I/O very exciting. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t wait for May 15th, when we are introduced to Key Lime Pie. Right now I’m most looking forward to Google Babble and to see how well it’ll work on desktop. Who else is excited for Google I/O next month?

Source: Android Guys, Android Spin