Qualcomm Moves to Eliminate the Charging Pad with Next Gen Wireless Charging Technology

With modern tech, we can now charges devices wirelessly but you probably already knew that. Unfortunately, in order to charge a device wirelessly you need to sit it on or near a power or charging pad. Apparently Qualcomm has plans to evolve that technology, and will introduce a true wireless charging station that does not require a connected device to be in direct contact with it.

Qualcomm is currently shipping test equipment that will allow phone to be charged when they're less than an inch away from a wireless power source.

At first you may wonder, like I did what would be the use of something like this- after all, a distance of less than an inch is hardly innovative. Realistically, the wireless charger could be placed somewhere out of sight, like behind a wall, or inside a drawer while the phone can be placed on a surface nearby.

Geoff Gordon, senior manager of product marketing at Qualcomm had a bit to say about the new technology.

"The ability to charge through surfaces is a key to wireless power becoming ubiquitous and universally available, and the spatial freedom demonstrated by WiPower and the A4WP is a sure way to get there. Other wireless power technologies require direct contact between the charging surface and the device being charged. This would mean retail establishments wanting to add wireless power need to either install new furniture with the technology pre-installed, or physically alter existing furniture, which can be both costly and messy. WiPower, which can charge through most surfaces up to about 45 millimeters, offers retailers a cleaner, more efficient way to adopt wireless charging."

Obviously, Qualcomm calls the technology WiPower. The test equipment currently shipping out to partners, is an evaluation kit that "provides developers with certain WiPower documentation and equipment," so they can become familiar with the technology and develop products with it.

It's not entirely clear when technology like this will be available on shelves for consumers, but Qualcomm is certainly devoting a lot of time and resources into the matter.

"For wireless power to truly take off, a simple and easy technology is needed at its core. Qualcomm believes WiPower is the answer."

Source: Qualcomm, Qualcomm Blog

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