PayPal May Soon Work on Google Play!


For most of us in the US payment within the Google Play Store isn't much of an issue. Just about all banks here issue cards that are compatible with the Play Store, while many country's banking systems rely on a proprietary format that simply doesn't work correctly. Even the Play Store gift cards are incompatible almost everywhere else on earth. For years Android users across the world have begged Google for PayPal compatibility as PayPal's use of routing numbers as a basis for payment allows bank users around the world a form of digital payment.

Well it appears that Google has finally listened! Recent discoveries deep within Google Wallet coding reveals that PayPal may soon be compatible with Play. A JavaScript file found by Google Systems Blog contained many odd references to PayPal. Inside the file PayPal is listed next to Maestro and even carriers like Sprint, its parent company Softbank and Vodafone. Error codes like PAYPAL_INSTRUMENT_ERROR were found as well providing even more evidence for the new PayPal partnership.


This move helps demonstrate Google's commitment to Android app Developers, as they have long been frustrated by difficulties in monetizing apps in foreign markets. In Germany many Play Store users have long been unable to make purchases on Play Store because banks there issue EC cards, one of the proprietary payment systems that don't work in the play store. PayPal would go a long way towards closing the already shrinking revenue gap between the App and Play Stores.

I am actually quite surprised Google managed to string together a deal with PayPal. Those who followed the Google Wallet when it was first introduced will remember how ticked off PayPal was, they even sued Google and two of its employees. Hopefully this is a sign that PayPal will someday partner with Google wallet. It would be far more convenient to get money deposited in PayPal to go directly into the service I use to purchase almost all may day to day goods! Are there many big PayPal users who are as excited at this prospect as I am? Are any of our foreign readers hoping their payment frustrations will be coming to an end? Let us know in the comments below!

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