Paranoid Android Bringing Chat Heads to Android, System Wide

chat heads paranoid

This morning, Paranoid Android sent out an update on Google+ which just had the picture above, with no text, description or anything. Well basically what it means is that Paranoid Android is working on bringing Facebook’s best feature from Facebook Home, Chat heads to Android. Once more it’s system wide and will work with every app.

We all know Paranoid Android is really good at bringing new features to Android. They are becoming the new Cyanogenmod. In the past, everyone ran CM, not it appears everyone is running Paranoid Android and the best part is that both ROMs use each others’ features. Currently Paranoid Android is only officially available for Nexus devices, but it does normally get ported out to other devices by developers.

Based on Paranoid Android’s comments from the thread, it appears that the “Halo’s” aren’t quite done. But we’ll probably see them pretty soon, and I know I can’t wait. Once it’s live for the Nexus 4, I’ll be flashing it and doing a review of it to let everyone know how good or bad they are. But it appears that Paranoid Android is looking to replace the notification center with this Chat head-like feature. It’ll be a little tough to get used too, but it should be really cool.

And they say innovation is dead. 

This is why I love Android, and open source. Google even said that with Ice Cream Sandwich, they “borrowed” a bunch of features from CyanogenMod. Which it’s always great to see features from our favorite ROMs get baked into stock Android. That’s probably the reason why I don’t flash ROMs as much anymore. Or maybe there’s another reason.

Anyways. How many of you are excited to get your hands on this new feature from the guys at Paranoid Android? I know I am. We’ll be sure to let you know once it’s live in their nightlies. Let us know in the comments below what you think of this new feature.

Source: Android Spin