One Sony Line to Start With 20 MP Cyber-Shot Smartphone


We've been hearing a lot about Sony bringing their Cyber-Shot and Walkman brands to their smartphone lines and there's been a little more information let out concerning an upcoming Cyber-Shot smartphone from the Japanese manufacturer. The rumored "One Sony" brand of smartphones is said to feature one flagship device, that combines features from the Cyber-Shot brand and the Walkman brand, instead of launching multiple smartphones. Which seems like a good move to us.

Over at the Esato forums, there's been some more speculation as to what this flagship device could come with. Its codename is rumored to be "Honami" and specs to revolve around the Quad-Core Snapdragon 800 at 2.3 Ghz with 2GB of RAM. As well as a 5-inch Full HD display and a battery that could hover around the 3,000 mAh mark. As for the display itself, there's no word on whether Sony will be going with a JDI produced panel or a Sharp IGZO panel. IGZO panels are said to drastically reduce the battery drain compared to other panels, which would be a real boon in a device with such a powerful camera module.


Speaking of that camera module, the Cyber-Shot part of the smartphone is to be made up of a 20 MP sensor and technology that was pioneered in Nokia's 808 Pureview smartphone camera, as well as a bright Xenon flash to help with stills. Interestingly, it's said that Sony won't be selling this technology to their competitors at Apple and Samsung, as they have been doing in the past. That's a smart move and might give them at least one killer feature to hold above their number one competitors.

There's apparently the same water and dust resistance that debuted in the Xperia Z and Sony could announce the device as early as Summer, either that or they'd wait and announce closer to the holiday season. Regardless of when they announce the phone, it's sure to do well in a world of smartphones with mediocre imaging prowess.

What about you though, would you buy a smartphone for its camera alone?

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