New Smartisan OS Shows a New Android User Interface Design

One of our favorite things about Android is that it's open source, which means you can do just about anything to it. We've seen a few ROMs that completely change the way Android looks. One of those being MIUI, which kinda looks like iOS. Today, Smartisan OS was unveiled in China. The guy behind this one is Luo Yonghao who is a self-taught ex-English teacher and the founder of influential blogging platform He's also the chairman of Chinese Font studio redesign. Luo is said to be a relentless consumer advocate, including haveing a fridge-smashing protest outside Siemens' Beijing HQ in November of 2011.

The 40-year old serial entrepreneur announced last April that he had put Smartisan Co., LTD together to work on a smartphone OS. Today he took to the stage in Beijing and spent 3 hours going over the thought process behind this new OS. "Smartisan" is much better at reflecting the company's insane attention to detail. The presentation was broken down into four parts. Visuals, Functions, Humanizations and "two more things". Looks like a play off of Apple's late CEO, Steve Jobs always giving their crowd "one more thing" during his keynotes.

The Visuals part, Luo dived in by criticizing other Chinese manufacturers obsession with iOS' square icon style and grid layout. But it wasn't just iOS, Luo went after Lenovo's circular icons as well. Now, instead of going through the entire presentation we'll leave you with the video of the presentation and a list of all the highlights below, since it is quite a long presentation and I'm sure no one wants to watch a 3-hour presentation.


  • Your added note for a caller shows up above profile picture when he or she dials in, in case you need a reminder of who the caller is (31:30, featuring "Jack Wong" from "Meizu"; detailed talk at 57:25)

  • World clocks intentionally have different second hand positions purely for the sake of sentiments, as inspired by clocks in a typical hotel reception (you can shake to synchronize) (34:04)

  • Contacts can be sorted by date added, location, interaction frequency (can be overridden in case your other half gets upset; "You should understand if you're married," joked Luo) (36:00)

  • Tap profile picture on contacts list to toggle shortcuts for call, SMS, add to favorites, set ringtone and set picture (will support Sina and Renren profiles) (41:08)

  • SMS delivery delayed by three seconds in case of regret (56:30)

  • Reply or read out SMS in quick pop-up notifications

  • Clock app shows you the weather of a selected city, as well as the time difference between there and your location (58:30)

  • Can rotate screen at any time using two-finger gesture (fingers swipe horizontally in opposite directions) (59:55)

  • Brightness slider shows up under volume panel when volume keys are pressed (61:08)

  • Calendar shows only important dates for lunar calendar, and also shows weather forecast for the next few days (62:15)

  • Country flags instead of text menu for language setting, so that you can easily reverse the damage if someone accidentally changes the language (65:43)

  • Swipe across screen to reset notification counters, then the counters restart (68:33)

  • Friendly reminder to rotate phone when capturing video in portrait position (finally!); and likewise with mirroring option while taking self-portraits with front camera (73:00)

  • Button-based voice command more straight forward than Siri ("as introduced by some guy called Scott"); phone call toggled by lifting and placing next to ear (detected by gyroscope and proximity sensor) and say recipient's name, makes you look less like an idiot (87:40)

  • When switched on, phone automatically unlocks if its proximity sensor detects it's out of the pocket; or hit the home button to peek at the time while phone is on standby (107:40)




Source: Engadget

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